Apothecary Specific Colours



Another wonderful file here by Adonis, and quite a nice one at that. In basic, this changes the Apothecary's "white" to the team-colour of the chosen chapter. A much liked addition, and best of all, it works in all games. ;)




Teamcolorable Space Marine Apothecary ( Ver 1.3 )

To compliment Hangar-8's Golden Eagle (ver. 1.6) textures, for those that want the Apothecary to blend in.

Visit Hangar-8's  WH40k Badge and Banner site at:    http://wh40k.ei8ht.net/

This texture was originally inspired by the Apothecary in the Blood Raven Command Squad on MiniVault.com.

**Changes made**

- Primary color added to armor (arms, legs, torso) and to backpack
- Added Trim color to right shoulder pad
- Trim 2 color added to upper parts of backpack
- New skulls added to chest and backpack
- Other minor changes and fixes to make the texture more pleasing to the eye

To install:
Extract contents to your main Dawn of War directory, or manually place the file in the following path:

\Dawn of War\W40k\Data\Art\ebps\Races\space_marines\texture_share\

For Dark Crusade:

\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\W40k\Data\Art\ebps\Races\space_marines\texture_share\

To uninstall:
Move or delete the file from the "texture share" folder.

Questions?  Comments?
Email at [email protected].  Please include in the title "SM Apothecary: (your comment)" so I don't delete your email.  I'll try to reply as soon as possible.

Thanks and enjoy!

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