Arx Hivernia Back Alley Brawl

A nice big city battle...Is there any better kind? anyway enjoy



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A nice big city battle...Is there any better kind? anyway enjoy


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Arx Hibernia Back Alley brawl is the second set in the city of Arx Hibernia, it is on the far south end. A part of town that was half destroyed before the invasion. It is a tight map so make the most out of the space you have. 

Designed for six players… FFA  or 2 teams of three  Annihilate/DestroyHQ or take and hold.  
Installation,  This map was made with the 1.41 tools  It can be installed into your DC directory, or into C:/ Program files/THQ/Dawn of WAR/WXP/Data/Scenarios/mp

Note; Some had problems with my previous maps with the textures I used, I didn’t realize at the time that all textures from maps and mods that I downloaded personally went directly into my mission editor, I will have a fix for them as soon as I can contact the owners of the textures(decals) for permission to use them. It was not intentional and just due to a rookie mistake.

That being said, enjoy the map.


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