A cool 8Player Map for WA/DC here from Notik. It's his first map so please go easy on the feedback. In my opinion it is an excellent first e...


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A cool 8Player Map for WA/DC here from Notik. It's his first map so please go easy on the feedback. In my opinion it is an excellent first effort, better than mine anyway. The map consists of 2 forts/bases in opposite corners of the map, & each team has to defend their bases while also attempting to take the enemy's fortification. In the center there is a bridge-like construction & around the "no-mans-land (so to speak) there are scattered ruins of buildings & also relics & Strategic Objectives for a take-&-hold game.

Well, download if you like the sound if it/ the screenshots. In my opinion its very good. I only edited it a bit & tested it somewhat, the maps design & creation goes to Notik. He also included a cool picture as a .tga if you want to make it a loading picture.



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Download '' (2.87MB)

Ashes Readme (by NotiK)

This is an 8 player Winter Assault map for Dark Crusade.  It can also be played as a 6 (1,2,3, and 6,7,8) or
for early action and insanity 1,2/3,4/5,6/7,8. Good for annihalation/control area/games (maybe take n hold games too? not a huge t-n-hold fan).    

El Story:
As morning arrived so did the reinforcements. The air filled with the ashes of their fallen
Bretheren.  The Imperial Alliance had valiantly fought the heretics throughout the night but
dawn would reveal what the Alliance- especially the Guardsmen who were ordered to hold the 
bridge- endured at the hands of barbaric chaos and ork forces in thier last moments of 

First of all, props (MAJOR PROPS) go out to filefront site manager saoreire.  Without his 
help (and lots of it b/c Noobs+Map Editor=a waaaagh of questions and complications) this map
wouldn't have been 
possible (see bottom for the list of changes he made).  This is my first map and I am very 
proud of it I must say.  I like to play it
more than most of the other maps not because I made it but because of the intense play: 
there are two bases-each with a main entrance
and two other entrances caused by the fight that took place 
in the above story (breaches in the fortress walls somewhat like Helms Deep).  There is a 
in the middle that holds the key to victory: I have found that whichever player holds the 
bridge usually wins the game.  There are two relics and a critical location there.  Holding
the bridge = a good strategic advantage in the battle to come.  However, if you are 
unfortunate enough to find yourself without this foothold, the base is easily defended.
3 entrances/exits = 3 chokepoints of total carnage and hours of playtime.  I got the idea
of chokepoints from saoreire's "Bunker 149" (WHICH BY THE WAY YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD B/C THIS 
MAP IS TOTALLY OFF THE CHARTS IN GREATNESS :D ) and added a few more for triple the chaos!!!     

I also wanted to make it clear that I downloaded the map maker from the filefront site. 
Some (or alot?) of decals may not show up b/c I used the Community Map Packs from the site.
You might need the Community Map Packs to view some decals. Just so you know.

Also I have included a prisma color (really expensive/nice color pencils) illustration that
 I did myself of a battle b/t the Alliance and 
Chaos/Ork forces.  It looked REALLY nice on paper but the scanner did it no justice 
(the picture came out lighter and way less detailed than the original for some reason) 
whatsoever (made me sooooo mad)!!! well if you would like to use it, create a folder called
"Loading" under the "MP" folder (see path instructions below). In the "Loading" folder
place the tga file that says "game sketch 800X600" and rename it "Ashes" when your 
game is loading you can see your new cody coumes custom....if you hate it.....delete it.....
....simple as that.


For DC:
Extract to: "C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DXP2\Data\Scenarios\MP"

For WA:
Extract to: "C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\WXP\Data\Scenarios\MP"

This game was tested with DC by saoreire in which he spent OVER 5 HOURS editing my ignorance
to bring you a MUCH better map.

some legal stuff:

You may edit this map for personal use, but you may NOT resubmit it (in any form), stick it into any mods &/or claim it as your own.

If you wish to edit/modify it in any way (including adding it to mods) & then 
upload/redistribute it, you must first obtain my consentual permission & include this 
readme &/or give me credit for creating it. 

I can be contacted at: [email protected] 
(w0344222 AT selu DOT edu) 
I also have a facebook and a myspace: FEEDBACK IS VERY APPRECIATED!!!




-Changed Fog to radius approx. 50-80m. 45-70m for close-in. colour changed to grey.
-Re-render sky to 100m.
-A lot of decals I dont have. You possibly downloaded them with the Community MapPacks or 
 other maps. Make a note of that in the readme.
-Impassible terrain only needs to be under the items (so people dont walk through them) or 
 in a 1 block radius around item if the item is placed half-on half-off block.
-Removed all bad models & firefights (bullets).
-Strange yellow colour in the centre of the map..
-fixed the heightmap on the battlements.
-added in & removed alot of impass edit map.
-Removed some Critical Locations (Too much in my opinion).
-Placed more Relics because its an 8-Player Map.
-Extensively changed the Heightmap on the battlements as they were completely out of sync. 
 You need more practice with the heightmap!
-Added out-of-play objects so map wouldn't look blank in gameplay when adjusting camera to 
 look out of play.
-Added in alot more dressing to make the open spaces less bleak.
-Added Roadblocks in the non-playable area to create the illusion that the fighting is  
 combined to this area only. Plus it looks cool.
-Changed some ground textures in the Detail Map Editor because the same one throughout the
 map looks a bit off.
-Added some decals.
-Did extensive Impass Edit Mapping. I suggest you also practice placing impassible terrain 
 under buildings.
-Added some extra buildings for some extra scenery.
-Made a sort of make-shift trench system around the bases for extra defenses.
-Attempted to rectify the steps, I hate Steps!!! They're so hard to do.

Thats should be all the changes. There might be other small ones I might have left out.

Editing this map took over 5 hours!!!! I hope it has been worth it.


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