Battle By the Bricks

Set in a quaint little mountain town, in the middle of nowhere pretty much. And uhhh... yeah its got stuff in and stuff... and like errr


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Set in a quaint little mountain town, in the middle of nowhere pretty much. And uhhh... yeah its got stuff in and stuff... and like errr... there's all sorts of things you'd expect of a town/city like a cathedrallychurchthingymobob factories, you know, the works. Its 4v4 with Imperial Guard & Space marines vs Tau, but I'm sure you'll just pick whatever team you want anyway... the town is fairly run down, but its not one huge rubble pile, yet...

I thought the map was quite nice looking so give it a go. Enjoy ~Gaffer

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Battle by the bricks, an urban map by Lanf(me). Right... I actually managed to finish the map, took me long enough. Right, to keep the description of the map itself brief, its a mountain town, snowy in theme, that has recently suffered an attack, and is facing another. Since the town has been attacked, many fortifications and defences have been set up, ready, should so another attack come. However, the problem is, any attacker could easily use those defences too, and since the guard are clueless to where the attack will come from, they may well have hindered themselves.

======= Installation=======

Extract the Zip file (using a program such as WinRAR) to the main folder of your Soulstorm or Dark Crusade directory, the one you should find your game's .exe file in. (Reason being is 'cos its packaged with the map editors textures, as I'm guessing many people with soulstorm won't have them, plus, its makes for easier installation)
If asked to overwrite folders, answer yes to all (it won't actually delete the contents already existing in the folders, just adds the new files)

======Map Statistics=======
Players-		8 (4v4)
Map size-		512*512
Theme -		Urban, snow
Compatible for-	Dark Crusade or Soulstorm
Water-		Yes
Fishys-		unfortunately, No
Gollum-		Hell no

=======(un)Frequently Asked Questions=====
Q: how u ply dow????
A: how u mine 4 fish????

Q:tht not an answer!!!!1!!
A:Thats not a question, next.

Q:May I distribute this by any means, in exchange for a fee, which, you will not receive?
A: No, call me a spiteful b&^%$£d all you want, I don't care, the answer is no. Next...

Q: If this breaks my computer, will you by me a new one, or in anyway claim responsibility?
A: No, no, no, install at your own peril! Not that I think it will break your computer, if it does, it probably sucks enough to deserve a replacement anyway, I just did you a favour. Next!

Q: Thats some good fluff you wrote in your scenario description, what gave you the inspiration?
A: Raw cabbage

Q: How do you install the darn thing?
A: Read the readme, come on (wo)man(lets not be sexist), its called readme for a reason you know... next...

Q:Can I edit your map and upload it, or include it in a mod?
A: Well... you can edit for personal use, but no uploading, and for including it in a mod, well, you'll need my aproval first.

Q: Ok, so how can I contact you?
A:My email address is lukelanfear [AT] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk ,minus the spaces, and square backets, and obviously, replace the words inside the brackets with the appropriate symbol. Please write in proper English (well, I'll accept American English, but thats not really what I meant) 

Q: Gosh, is this readme about over yet?
A: Yeah, I think that wraps things up nicely, byebye.

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