This map looks like a very good one, especially for a first try. I look forward to seeing some mroe from this user in the future. I really...


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This map looks like a very good one, especially for a first try. I look forward to seeing some mroe from this user in the future. I really cant find fault in this map.

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      - 2p_Belltower -
   - Belltower Tower -
	 Version 1.0


title:            2p_Belltower
map title:	  Belltower Ruins (2)
author:           Swanky
email address:    chunky @


Standing at the shore for aeons, the Holy Belltower of Agnaras has served as a lookout throughout its history. It has warned countless generations of
enemies, Orcs, Chaos and fallen Brothers of the Imperium. However, it has been destroyed a few decades ago in the large battle of Agnaras between the
Hammer of the Emperor and their Blood Brothers. Rumors say you can still hear the bell tolling over the battlegrounds during the small breaks that war takes
every now and then.
Inquisitor Durras, commander of the Space Marine forces in Agnaras had won that clash at the cost of the Holy Cathedral of Agnaras, and been executed 
for his failure to protect either the Belltower and the cathedral, Although many Space Marines mumble his last words when entering the lush green plains
between the city and the mountain area, from where rumors tell the Chaos to come once again.

"Brothers! They come. The Holy Belltower warned us about them, as it has always done and as it will always do. 
The vast Chaos Army has set foot on this holy planet. The chance we can stand against them is little - if it wasn't here. 
There will be a day that evil will win. But this day lies far in the future! There will be the time when we will die! 
But this day lies far in the future! Today, they will lose! Brothers, today - we will win!"

play information

Bots:             Full bot support (easy with no botpathing to set^^)
new sounds:       no
new graphics:     only DOW / DC stuff has been used.

how to play       Place all files (this doc and screenshots excluded) in your DC/W40k/Data/Scenarios/MP folder and run the game.


base:           from the scratch including theme idea
editor:         DoW ME 1.2 / Photoshop
other progs:    none              
known bugs:     
build time:     about one week, including learning time of the editor and excluding time I haven't spent working on that map



 - A small battlefield
 - first map, not too bad, though

 - the AI has been tested with the Inquisition: Daemonhunt modification which uses an AI modification. The matchup was SM vs Orks / Chaos everytime I tested.
	It shouldn't come to problems, however, the beta versions had a nasty AI bug in it causing the CPU to not build anything higher than T1 units.
	With the new AI modification (2.2 -> 2.4) it shouldn't give AI problems at all.


version changes
Version B1.1

 - added a heckload of craters, decals and stuff
 - added a tower to the castle
 - added a small way to the castle
 - added a critical point near the castle, you now need to hold both crits to win (with the appropriate gametype option)
 - revamped some terrain so pathfinding is a little better
 - revamped fogging distance
 - made a (buggy) loading screen which needs some more work before releasing it


still to do...

 - add a bellsound (or keep it imaginable)
 - add a loading screen (or just use the standard fare)
 - revamp AI (or use the AI mod)


thanx to ...

*crosses fingers, don't let me forget anyone*

Rayden - Beginners Tutorials / Links to many great help docs
Dave Hayward - Another Beginners Tutorial
Relic Forums - good support for beginners, especially the archive
Fire81 - giving me permission to use his bellsound in my map and offering me help on implementing it (which I still haven't added in... -.-)
Listoric - gave me an impression on how a good DoW Map has got to look


Distribution / Copyright / Permissions 

Copyright (c) 2007 Christian "Swanky" Ahlborn	[email protected] 
All rights reserved.

Dawn of War is a registered trademark of 
Relic Entertainment and THQ

This level may be electronically distributed only at 
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST 
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN 

You are not allowed to submit this Zip
to any Internetsite without my

This file is NOT to be sold. It's free!

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