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INCLUDED ARE 6 maps a load of badge and banner sets 23 wallpapers icons cursors!

Check the readme for more details on the individual...


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INCLUDED ARE 6 maps a load of badge and banner sets 23 wallpapers icons cursors!

Check the readme for more details on the individual stuff.

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Download 'bundled.booster.pack1.of.2.zip' (22.14MB)

Extract the .zip in your Dark Crusade directory, the default for this is "C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade". That's all! It's going to ask you about replacing files, just say 'OK' because it won't write over anything, it'll just add in the new files.

I give credit for the icons and cursors to Relic, all I did was extract them, edit, convert, edit, and convert again. I take credit for all that, however. :P The 3D effects used on 2 badges was thanks to whoever made the tutorials on this site: http://wh40k.ei8ht.net. And I also give credit to Russia, Nazi Germany, the Jewish, Canada, the Bible, and Star Wars. Oh, and chinchillas everywhere. Thank you chinchillas, thank you.
But above all, credit goes to the human imagination. Just, wow.

.::License Thing::.
You can do whatever you please with the files contained in here, but you always have to give credit to us if you ever distribute/modify--that's 'Josef' and 'Kraiven'. But other than that, go for it!

Firstly, a big thanks to Relic for their hard work that inspired all of this hard work, and also the DoW community itself. We couldn't do it without you guys. Now, I apologize ahead of time for the length of this, both to the DLers and the Admins that oversee these things, but seeing that this is our first big release I felt like it deserved something...monstrous. I jammed a lot of info into this thing whilst headbanging, so if there are any typos, there's your answer.

Me (Josef) and a friend (Kraiven) have been avid fans of DoW for a while, since the first installment, and we'd been wanting to create our own maps--and everything else possible for that matter--since we found out other people were doing it. We only got the tools to do it somewhere near June, though, so we spent a lot of time learning how to use them and just making weird ass stuff. :D So over the course of about a month and a half we've managed to compile this pack, find this site, and release this in the name of the IS. Details on everything are included below.. Enjoy!!

a .tga to remove the Relic logo from your screenshots (unfortunately, stumbled across it in an archive after most of the walls were taken)

Note: There are icons, minimaps, and loading screens for all maps. Our personal favorites are Apathy, Land of Blood (despite its appearance),Poo Extremus, and Zeal, in that order.

Apathy (6)
The layout of this map allows players 1 and 4 to reach each other early into the game, and 3 and 6 are far from the action--use it wisely. The map itself is snowy, mountainous terrain and the decals on this one took FOREVER. There are no criticals, but 2 relics and 2 slags, so there will be fighting even between teammates. Spread throughout are little easter eggs. This was my second map and I can't believe how satisfied we were with it, despite its simplicity. I went ahead and changed the sky and fog color to something more generic before submission because I thought it would be more widely accepted that way, the old one being a red sky.

Land of Blood (6)
A map made by Kraiven, touched up by me. Like every other map he's made, it's got more personality and less of a button-down emotionless feel to it than mine tend to, but it's kinda ugly. Fun to play, but not much to look at. It's a snow map and there are two big chokepoints in the middle that you will learn to love to hate. Lol, read that a few times over. xD It's got 2 relics, no objectives, and 1 slag deposit. Good luck getting to it, though, it's high up on a cliff. And I won't lie, player 1 has a big advantage here.

Poo Extremus (6)
Another map of Kraiven's, and again a snow map, plus touched up by me. I've tweaked it a little so that third player isn't crippled in the beginning and same with fourth. There are two relics, one for each side of the map, and 1 slag for each player. Lots of strategics, too. This had to be redone before the pack's release because for some reason the ground had turned bright pink just before. Let's hope it doesn't do it again..

Zeal (4)
Jungle/city warfare. This is my very first map, so it has its problems, haha. A lot of work went into making it look half-decent but not nearly as much for balancing issues, rushing is a serious factor here. Oh and you can sneak infantry in the sides of an enemy's base through the forests, they're passable, but you might have to force march your guys through it. 4 relics, 1 objective in the middle, and 4 slags in the corners.

New (3)
I noticed that there are almost no three player maps...wonder why. Well whatever the case, I made this for me and two buds to battle it out. It took me about 3 hours to make, I swear, so it looks terrible but plays ok. 2 relics and 1 objective in the middle again, but no slags this time. Gotta manage it with just your little dinky base's generators.

WAR (3)
Similar to 'New' above. Made for another killing ground between me and two friends, so spent very little time on it. I like to think it promotes backstabbing cause if you form an alliance it's still really difficult to kill the remaining player due to the terrain, great for 2 vs 1's (like comp stomps). You'll have a hell of a time getting UP these slopes to the enemy's base, and yes it was designed with that in mind. I wanted there to be a lot of killing in safe-zones, far away from your lines, so that you could just keep pumping out troops and watching all the ensuing action. And everyone starts with a Vindicare Assassin.

There were numerous walls that I didn't include in this pack because I didn't think they were good enough, and there were also about 3 different versions of each wall, with the original picture too. I doubt there will be, but if anybody wants all the versions of one or more walls just go ahead and email me and I'll get them straight to you.

Requests are being accepted for new walls. ;)

.::Badges `n Banners::.
I hate to be all legal and stuff, but if I'm not I'm sure there's still someone out there willing to get mad at us.
There are a few sets included that might offend someone out there; know this: there is no hateful intention behind them nor was there in their creation, it was out of sheer humor and boredom that these were ever spawned. We wanted to pit one army against another to see who would win, that's all.

Mega Jew Banner was created by Kraiven, his 1-up-manship at work here. The only reason I didn't use the folded effect and decrease the main image's size for more details on all my own banners was because I didn't like the way it looked in-game, mine were meant to have a comedic, more noticable effect. Not 'wow that sure is pretty'. Plus everyone else already does that.. too mainstream for my taste.

There are sets of both badge and banner of:
Maple Leaf (GO RELIC! ..and Canada!)
Grim Reaper
Jew x2
Rebel Crest (Star Wars)
Imperial Crest (also Star Wars)
Christian Cross
Sigil of Baphomet

And singles of:
Monkeys >:D

.::Icons & Cursors::.
I had been wanting the icons and cursors from the game so I finally went through the trouble of getting them out of the game and into readable, good-quality pictures that the computer would accept. Sadly, there are no moving cursors (.ani) as of now. I don't know if anyone other than me will appreciate these but they're there anyway incase somebody does. >:} And I replaced my control panel icon with the in-game build button and it looks awesome, lol. If anybody wants to know how to do that there's a .txt in here for it, but here's your warning: it deals with the system registry and in there you can mess up your computer if you aren't careful.

Kraiven made all the different color variations for the cursors. Also, I would've thrown in audio I managed to extract and convert if I knew the legalities of that. The whole, 'people that didn't buy the game shouldn't be able to listen to the audio' conversation I read over in some forum dissuaded me from the idea. Kinda wondering about the icons and cursors bit too, though.

...Coming Soon...MAYBE
at least 3 more maps
the best wallpapers that get requested
the best badges and banners that get requested
a pure-gold statue of themselves for anyone that read this whole thing
and the pack'll be stronger,

=  ------  =  This pack has   =  ------  =
--  ====  --     has been     --  ====  --
===  --  ===  brought to you  ===  --  ===
----    ----      by the      ----    ----
===  --  ===                  ===  --  ===
--  ====  --                  --  ====  --
=  ------  =      Infidel     =  ------  =
=  ------  =      Savants     =  ------  =
--  ====  --                  --  ====  --
===  --  ===                  ===  --  ===
----    ----  "Only the       ----    ----
===  --  ===     paranoid     ===  --  ===
--  ====  --        survive"  --  ====  --
=  ------  =                  =  ------  =

-=-IS Josef-=-
savantjosef @ gmail.com

-IS Kraiven
therussianperson @ yahoo.com

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