Bunker 149 Chaos Beseiged

Map 8 player based on the Bunker 149 series with a strong chaos theme outside the bunker to simulate abbandons crusde on cadia or any other...


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Map 8 player based on the Bunker 149 series with a strong chaos theme outside the bunker to simulate abbandons crusde on cadia or any other attack by chaos on a imperial installation


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Download 'bunker_149_chaos_beseiged.zip' (1.04MB)

Bunker 149 Advanced Chaos Beseiged (Bunker 149 Advanced originally by Cybershadow) Modded by IronWarriorII

note this is my first map released but not the first map i have made ( or partially there of )

This map is designed for the usual bunker style of play 3v5 
The outside has  been heavily modded outside to be chaos themed for a sort of abbadon crusade on cadia
also there are several new changes from the original bunker 149 advanced including
:various removals of clutter doodads like crates and such 
:placement of more sandbags and removal of some
:Various Changes indicated by Screens
:made the "river bridge" Infantry only to make the enemy armour spearhead the bridge and bottle neck them
:made the bridge in the right into a tunnel resembling a sewer/water pipe which is accessable by infantry
:added some asthetics to the borders such as the ruins of a titan and a small battle also placed some ruined factories/ barracks
:There are loads of other small changes which can be seen in game 

"Following the invasion of a large force of combined Chaos Forces, the resident PDF (Planetary Defence Force) mounted a fierce & brave defence.
However, the enemy forces were too large to hold back, no matter how brave the PDF was. in the early days of the War, the PDF inflicted massive casualties in the enemy forces, while also sustaining massive losses themselves.
Their efforts were not entirely in vain, as an Imperial Regiment in a neighbouring sector soon came to their aid. They were promised huge reinforcements as this sector was a valuable asset to the Imperium, controling routes to & from many industrial centres.
Also, because of the presence of a Thunderhawk refuelling depot in the Bunker Complex itself, the Adeptus Astartes rapidly deployed a Space Marine Chapter to aid in its defence as it held the key refueling supplies for neibouring planets.
However, due to an incoming Warp Storm, further Imperial Reinforcements were forced to turn back & now the whole Sector is cut off from the Imperium, & any hopes of further aid.
The PDF, Space Marines & the Imperial Guard regiment then withdrew to Bunker 149 & prepared for a long & bloody defence of the Bunker Complex & the planet itself. They hoped to hold out against the Chaos invaders & wait out the Warp Storm for further reinforcements.
They can only wait & pray... Pray for the Emperor's protection... & they will need it." This is bunker 149 than 3 years ago. But the war has not ended And Chaoses Taint Has Taken Hold Of The Area Outside the bunker complex.

You & 2 allies start in the Bunker & must prepare to defend it from the waves of enemy attacks & then prepare a counter-attack to reclaim the Planet in the name of the Emperor.
You Must Not Fail!

To play as 8Player:
Set P1,2&3 to the same team (eg. Team 1) & players 4,5,6,7&8 to their own team (eg. Team2) & you've got yourself a 3v5 defence map. This way is challenging & I'd recommend setting the difficulty to easy at most if you really wanna win.

To play as 6Player:
Set P1,2&3 to Team 1 & P6,7&8 to Team two & you've got yourself a 3v3 defence map. This is easier than the 8Player way above & is recommended for less-skilled players, like me =) !

To Install simply extract the files to
: "C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Dark CrusadeDXP2DataScenariosMP"

legal stuff:

You may edit this map for personal use, but you may NOT resubmit it (in any form), stick it into any mods &/or claim it as your own.

If you wish to edit/modify it in any way (including adding it to mods) & then upload/redistribute it, you must first obtain my consentual permission & include this readme &/or give me credit for creating it.

Email: haggis-rulz@hotmail.com

:Saoreire created Bunker 149
:Cybershadow modified it to make Bunker 149 Advanced
:and me to Bunker 149 Advanced Chaos Beseiged
Also i would like to thank Ali who made the minimap and Map select screen :P

Now Soldiers Of The Imperium Purge the heretic from this Complex, this World and this Sector in the Emperors name.

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