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And here comes a swift update, dropping down from the rafters... like a bat! :o

Well, maybe not, since it's been in the inbox for four da...


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And here comes a swift update, dropping down from the rafters... like a bat! :o

Well, maybe not, since it's been in the inbox for four days. Ehehehe... sorry!

Anyway, you've seen this map before, no doubt, in various forms, so you'll already know what I'm about to summarise. A large basin containing a derelict city, with the ruins hiding strategic points which can be used for cover as well as various jammy strategies - chokepoints and flanking being my two fave strategies at the moment - and the obvious thing is that it looks quite pretty.

There's two ways into the city, depending on where you spawn - through the main gate, or in the relatively unfortified back door. The two different types of the map determine which, something I found rather nice. Choices, choices, etc. Possibly the better aspect of this map is the lack of tank rush capability. Vehicles tend to be too big to maneuver en masse, which is a very welcome element for me. Down with tank rush, up with strategy! :p

So, yeah. You get the point. It's a good map. Could be better, but on the flip side it could be far, far worse. I'd personally make the layout a little less neat-and-tidy. A few dead ends, for instance, or some geographical advantages maybe? And definitely a few locations for the cunning commander to spring a trap on his/her oblivious victims. ;)

If you liked the other versions, or just want something based in a city, this isn't going to disappoint you. Not by a long stretch. Score one for Pileot.

And if the screenshots look truncated... that's because they are. Had to trim them from the funky widescreen dimensions back down to plain ol' 1024x768. Sowwy.

~ Kouen

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Download 'bunker_150_v2.zip' (4.24MB)

Bunkr 150 v2

Made by Pileot

This is the second version of bunker 150. I fixed the pop cap and some impass mapping, added some height map fixes for where craters were, etc. and cleaned it up a lot. A few strategic objectives were moved around slightly, but its nothing too major. Player placement, etc. is all left as it was in bunker 150 v1.0.

Also added the assault version! You can now easially attack the bunker without needing to edit anything. This version gives the computer a pop boost for added difficulty.

As is the case with all my maps, human players should start from player slot 1, computer opponents should start from slot 8. unused slots should be in the middle.

To install this map, put in folder Dark Crusade\DXP2\Data\Scenarios\MP (Create folders if needed)

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