Casia IX warp gate



Ok this is the authors first released map and I gotta say this WOW! Just scroll down and look at the screenies. I hope to see more from this guy and why are you still reading this? Download it all ready




This map is based off an imperial city taken by the ruinous powers of Chaos.
it is highly detailed and i have gone over it many times for errors.
please not that this is my first released map but not my first...
also i made this map for mods like inquisition daemonhunt or the witch hunters mod
map description-
warp rift is a 2 player map were player one starts off in the only "pure" untainted spot a large church while player 2 starts off in a really chaosy area. the map is made for close range infantry combat rather than vehicles vs vehicles. it has 2 relics 1 critical location and around 8 strategic points all evenly spread about!

NOTE this map may lag for very old computers as it uses lots of fx
hello! and welcome to my first released map. but certainly not my first, practice makes perfect!
anyway the map is based on a doomed world named casia IX and i made the map for inquisition daemonhunt or the witch hunters mod...

just copy and paste the dxp2 folder into your dowdc (or) soulstorm directory and play!!!
Now get out there and own some chaos, daemon hunter!

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