This 6 play map looks relatively good. Set in a city, and equal on both sides (or at least, it looks to be). One for the download ;)

- Ash



St. Huldrych Causeway--DC Edition (6p)

A Multiplayer/Skirmish Map for use with Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War--Dark Crusade

by vol_907

This is another update of a popular map of mine.  It is 95% identical to the Winter Assault Version, with some cosmetic (including a DC-friendly loading screen) and balancing changes.  As with the original map, approach routes to the enemy base areas are long, so as to hamper rushing (but may prove problematic for Necron players).  There's a lot of req and power to collect here, so all you players who like large battles will love this one.


The map is packed into an installer.  Simply run it, and tell it where your Dawn of War - Dark Crusade folder is (usually C:/program Files/THQ) and it will do the rest.


This was re-created in a few hours using the Mission Editor Tools for Dark Crusade, GIMP 2.2, and IrfanView.  A couple of textures used were borrowed from Rayden's map "Gates of Ultramar," so if you already have that map installed for DC, you may get a message asking to overwrite certain files.  You can allow it (it will only replace textures with the same) or not (you won't miss a thing).

Feel free to add this map in a mappack, feature it as a battleground for tournaments, or whatever, just as long as it is not used to turn a profit.  Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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