Combat Complete Beta1

This is a beta of my combat complete mod, it just adds many new units to all races. It is also designed to be compatible with new race mods...


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This is a beta of my combat complete mod, it just adds many new units to all races. It is also designed to be compatible with new race mods combiner mods. This is a Beta and includes Space Marines and Chaos only. The idea is for people to give feedback to see if its a worth while mod.

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Download 'combatcompletedcmodbeta1.rar' (31.48MB)

complete Combat Beta 1

This is my first modification for Dawn of War, the idea behind it is to bring almost all of the Wh40k TT units to Dawn of War.
This edition of complete combat adds many untis to the space marine and chaos marine armies. Many of the units are from the closer
to codex team, so dont congratulate me for them. Also this is a BETA so the final release (if I don't get help) will have new units to
all stock races. If I do get help then it'll be better with ai and such.
New models include:
Space Marine Veterans
SPace Marine Command Squad
Space Marine Land Raider Crusader
Space Marine Venerable Dreadnought
And many redone space marine standard troops

Chaos Terminators
Flesh Hounds (A retexture by me not a new model)
Chaos Spawn  (A retexture by me not a new model)
A few redone standard Chaos models

A few models may have been missed out by me sorry
This mod has no custom ai (its just me working on it) and is designed to be used with a combiner mod (new stuff is added to stock races
no armour values or weapons are altered!) If you want to help me I need:

Coding helper
Ai personpersons
Ideas manwoman

If you want to help I'd be very grateful (contact me at moo-2 at hotmail dot co dot uk)

There are some bugs as this is a beta:
Pink icons when upgraded
Some overpowered weapons

Sorry its in WinRaR I dont have Winzip :(.
Extract and put cc.module and cc folder into the dawn of war darkcrusade folder (not the dxp2 folder!) If you want you can play it like this.
But to play the mod as intended download a combiner mod with any races you likecan and place  
"RequiredMod.* = cc" In the combiners module file.
*=whatever number comes after the one above it (it'll make sence if you do it!)
So It'll look like this:
RequiredMod.1 = dowai
RequiredMod.2 = objective_points_DC
RequiredMod.3 = inquisition_daemonhunt_comb
RequiredMod.4 = Witch_Hunters_comb
RequiredMod.5 = Steel_Legion_comb
RequiredMod.6 = blood_angels_comb
RequiredMod.7 = Tyranids_comb
RequiredMod.8 = DXP2
RequiredMod.9 = W40k
RequiredMod.10 = thedancemacabre
RequiredMod.11 = CC

Special thanks to the Closer to Codex team for their awsome models!

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