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This mod will add options of upgrading your commanders ingame to have the gear choices from Dark Crusade's campaign! The research is exp...


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This mod will add options of upgrading your commanders ingame to have the gear choices from Dark Crusade's campaign! The research is expensive, and can be done usually at your army's armory (or mekshop, etc.)

Also included in the mod is a custom army painter! Check the readme for more...

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Download '' (2.58MB)

			-Wargear Mod 1.0-
Info: Hey folks,finally i got good betatester (Cat_Fuzz,praise his name)
And with his help i finally put this mod together.Okay Why i call it mod
instead of mini-mod? Because there are more than 7 files included.
Main thing it changes is adding Wargear researches to buildings of all
Races,list of building is below.So if you research teleporter for FC
(i think it cost 100 reg,300 power,its at tier 1) you will get it PERMANENTLY
and with EFFECT (your FC can jump around,spammin') 

Researches can be found at (it was pretty hard to figure it out) :
SM - Armory  CH - Armory  Orks - Mek shop  Eldar - Webway Assembly
IG - Barracks  Crons - Summoning core  Tau - Barracks (T1) Path to Enlightement (t2-t4)

Researches are pretty expensive because they are "bonus" for commander and they are
ARTEFACTS!(also permanent).All upgrades needs you to get to tier 4 except for Orks
,they need 10 banners so you can buy them all Races can get All 10 upgrades with 
few exceptions: 1)Chaos there isnt Prince wargear,but lord is pretty strong anyway
2)Tau if you select Mont'ka you can have Iridium armor,if Kauyon you get Sensor aray

Mod includes my painter and its standalone(does not break multiplayer).

Instalation: Extract zip to your Dark Crusade folder.
Use: Start game,click on Game manager in menu and select Wargear mod.Then play.
Uninstall: Delete wargear.module and wargear folde,if you dont want Corsix's mod
delete AAAAAAA.module and WXPmod_DCmod.dll

Makin' time: Few hours,few weeks waiting for betatester

If you want to include this mod in your,DO IT, im glad that its being used.Let me know
and/or give me credit (well i wont mind if you wont) just dont say you made this
(seriously,i hate that!) Again,feel free to include it,im makin' mods everybody is
just lazzy to make.

Eldarian thanks of honor: Cat_fuzz - without him there could not be mod for community
		Corsix - This code genius made Game manager operational
		Dowfiles community - Thanks for support 

Credits : I included Corsix's mod,i hope he dont mind *hides*
          Cat_fuzz buildings and few other stuff are his ideas

Contact : theclone(at)email(dot)cz  Im nolonger responding to n00b emails.
	I still take requests,

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