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Well... Here, we have a fairly large map, of which is complete for an eight way war. Each section of the map has been created with the inten...


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Well... Here, we have a fairly large map, of which is complete for an eight way war. Each section of the map has been created with the intention of giving a different feel to the various starting locations. In addition, they give the players a rather interesting experiance, all of which look outstanding (except maybe, the very plain Eldar starting location) ;)

My only quibble would be the lack of terrain around the middle, and between the starting points, but not something to spoil a game.

Each of these settings has a unique feature to them, and is well suited to the specific race. I'd have to encourage viewers to download, and try this one out. Sure looks fun. :)

- Ash

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Download 'community_map_final.rar' (9.9MB)

==		        		 Community Project Map                                         ==
==			                 	  by	 	     				       ==
== Wargrim, Grabnutz, wildcat, Ragnarok2504, Incarnate, Croaxleigh, SickSick6, Argonaut and Akranadas  ==

=== Wargrim's Comments ===
Please shift the daytime a bit more towards noon, the lighting is to dark and i can not change it because there
is an invalid skybox ( a DC one ) selected that gives me an error when i am trying. Also, leave the playable 
terrain border markings untill the last one has done his part, and leave the PEG decal untill Arkranadas saw it. 
Have fun, and i expect you all to do your best. :)


=== Grabnutz's Comments ===
I've ajusted the lighting so that everything is brighter now, also changed the fog to match the skybox.
Its already a bit laggy, I found that mapping with the skybox ON helped (as anything outside your own 
island won't be loaded, but it can be tricky). 
Added my own bit to Akra's island for shits'n'giggles (Warboss next to bosspole ft Taldeer's head :) )
Apologies for being a day late! Good luck all.


=== Ragnarok2504's Comments ===

First, i have to congratulate Grabnutz and Wargrim on a magnificent job! Now, After a few hours of modifying my island's 
heightmap, i finally got an idea for it. this is by far my best piece of work(and its only an island), and i hope it matches
the Quality of the other mappers work.
Finally, i propose we use one of Hangar-8 skies for this map. Again, Great work to all of ye and Good luck to the ones after me! 

Ragnarok2504                              0.,o

=== Wraithcat's Comments ===

So from the very beginning, I have to throw a sad panda face.
For after seeing the work made before me, my trust in myself shttered absolutely.
Those parts are just magnificent.
So while working on the map, I noticed, that I actually needed to have the sky turned on, to be able to work on--great beginning and tells much of my pc.
Well after getting past all those little pesky issues, like finding a suitable spot to anchor in, I began my work.
I had a decided theme beforehand.
But after finishing, I found out, that it's still terribly empty, for there were no suiting objects.
Thus it became a Tau export station.
Hope the blue-light effect can be seen.

Kitty, says hi

=== Incarnate's Comments ===

This has reminded me why i dont make maps... they take sooo long to get right. The map is pretty nice,
and im really happy with it, especially considering its only my second map ive seen to completion...:D
PLEASE DONT touch any of the objects on my island, as they have a horrible habit of jumping around out 
of place when you save the map. The walls, gate and rocks do this especially.

Credits need to be dished out to **FIRE81** as i have used some of his 'monastery' decals, as included
in community Mappack IV.

I have added a scar file, this controls the animated gate. It did control some other animations( the
spaceport at the other side of the island), but they caused crashes to desktop, and i couldnt fix the
issue.There are 5 markers on the island, the gate one is the only one that does something as the others
were for the spaceport animations.Feel free to delete the 4 spaceport markers as they do bugger all now.

**scar instructions**
Due to pathing issues(the gate has a solid blueprint) to get your troops to 
move through the gate you need to:

	-command your troops to move into the yellow circle, their side of the gate
	-When a unit moves into the radius, the gate will lower, this takes 7 seconds.
	-Once lowered, the gate will despawn entirely, letting units pass.
	-Click whereever you want on the other side of the gate.
	-AS SOON AS your troops exit the gates radius, the gate will raise again.

Good luck all!

=== Croaxleigh's Comments ===

The "mining facility" theme of my island kind of came together at the last minute... I decided that I would incorporate the wildly popular "pink cube" joke into my map, but once I got the plateau with the cubes made I had no idea what else I'd do. I began thinking about a pink cube mine (since they've got to come from somewhere...), but the cubes just didn't look right. Eventually I decided to go for a bit more "natural" ores, and added a few details to make it look like a "proper" mining operation. I do believe that I borrowed a texture or two from the 'monastery' decals as well, though I hadn't realized it until after I'd put them on the map... oops! Great decals, Fire81! *smiles*

As the weeks have gone by, I've become more and more intimidated by what those before me had made... but I'm both surprised and somewhat proud of what my island ended up becoming. It's by no means the grandest or flashiest of the islands, but that's ok... it's look matches its theme, and that's all that really matters I s'pose.


=== Sick, Sick 6's Comments ===

Well I for one am surprised I was able to slap this much shit together in such a little amount of time.
The theme of my island is an island caught in a temporal rift. The lightning spots (yes akranadas I kinda
stole that idea from you xP) are labeled either "teleport" 1 through 11 or "destination" 1 through 11 and
are supposed to represent dimensional rips in space-time. You diappear here, you pop up there. It's gonna
be fun. I also created something that any 'Army of Darkness' fan will recognize. A pit of horrors. No really,
it's filled with horrors. >:]|] They are going to be used as an invulnerable enemy since if you teleport into 
the pit (oh yeah, forgot to mention that. 2 of the teleport locations end up in said pit) you can't really 
make it out anyway. Plus it would be rather lame if so many people kept "falling" into the pit that they kill
all the horrors. Now all that remains to do is make my scar request upon the scaring god Incarnate.
*queue sword of 1000 truths music from South Park WoW episode*

This map is going to be INSANE! Great work so far by everyone. Can't wait to see what Akra and Argo come up with


+++++ARGONAUTS COMMENTS++++++++++++++++

It's finally happened?!! A community map such as this has been talked about for literally years, and it's great to finally
be a part of it. The central Island is based upon Krakatoa, with the smaller sandy areas around the outskirts forming 
a lagoon. Hopefully we can do another one of these soon, with a smaller map.

=====Akranadas' Comments======

FINALLY ITS DONE. Thanks to all the mappers who tooko part, I had a really good time doing this and hope to see this happen again
later in the future, but on a smaller scale of course. Again, thanks again to everyone who helped with this MASSIVE project. I know it took me
5 months to complete and fix it but I asure you, I have a good reason for it somewhere.... yes somewhere. Now go play the map 
instead of reading this! ;)

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