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This is a very nice multi-player mod for Dark Crusade by D_LEGION. Lots of screen-shots, a good readme. I assume this is his first mod, I ap...


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This is a very nice multi-player mod for Dark Crusade by D_LEGION. Lots of screen-shots, a good readme. I assume this is his first mod, I apologise if it isn't. It's brilliant for a first time mod, and I certainly recommend a download. This mod just basically makes a few changes to things, and looks as if they are positive changes. Very nice mod here.


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Download 'd_legions_mp.zip' (3.65MB)

====================== D LEGIONs ==================

a MULTIPLAYER mod for dawn of war: DARK CRUSADE


simply extract with winrar all the files in the main dark crusade folder
use the mod menager (is not my work,so i didn't included). every working mod menager should work
and load the mod, then launch the game.


you can use this mod, but you must inform me, at my E-mail or by MSN at:  [email protected]

i am not responsable if with this mod you corrupt the game, or have some troubles.

for suggestions or bugs, you can contact me. NOT for rants, or your troubles.


MISSION: get an EXCITING and FUN (first priority); BALANCED (second priority), SKILL BASED (third priority) game.
to accomplish this, i made more different races (in numbers,and way of fight), 
i made a bit more intense theyr strong points,and theyr weak points,keeping in mind the background of warhammer 40k.
this way races should be more different,more fun, more balanced, more skill based!! 

CHANGELOG:          (version 1.0)

lots of units (mainly space marines, chaos and necrons) number decreased.
weapon damage,health,cost of this units "changed to remain the same", 
full squads will do the same damage, have the same health point, 
the same cost (reqisition & power & time).......
example: DC assault terminator 1200 hp*8 members= 9600 hp
       : this mod assault term 4800 hp*2 members= 9600 hp
stealth melee removed. every infantry reveal himself in melee, at 1 of range.
every infantry (and walkers vehicles) unit can spot stealth from 1 range (it walks on it :) )
vehicles (not walkers) cannot spot.



minimum damage output shifted near maximum one.
accuracy is better now. some values were 65%, too "random".
now 10-20 more accuracy points to all reaces, depending by balance and background
fire on the move has a penality, but not soo heavy like in DC 1.0
vehicles with decent mass and proper power, have rampage ability. hovering ones=NO.

SPACE MARINES======================================================

morale of all SM unit increased of 100-200 points

servitor cost reduced from 75 to 45

skull probe health buffed from 100 to 400

SM squad, assault, grey knights(from 3-6),terminators squad from 4-8 to 1-2 members

grey knights demon armour penetration (medium & hight) increased by 50%
powers added: smite, weaken resolve, demoralize,  
regenaration rate from 3 to 5. (standard is 1, but now standard is 3 because
1 Grey Knight represent 3 standard GK, so 3 GK had 3 regeneration togheter).

assault terminator stun is 95% chance, for 4 seconds

6 terminators CAP, you choose how divide it in 2 AT or 2 T or 1 AT and 1 T

power sword and power fist upgrade does not change force commander,librarian and chaplain weapons.

apothecary now is an SM hero. it cost 5x,has 5x health, 5x damage! (time to get=2x)

heavy bolter setup time from 2 to 1 seconds

roket launchers setup time from 5 to 1 seconds

whirlwind set up time reduced from 5 to 2 seconds. reload time from 5 to 4 seconds

2 whirlwind hardcap.

whirlwind new ability.manually targeted (skill) is deadly.after heavy armor deploy research

land raider regenerate 5hp/second, holds 3 squad (from 1) and cost no CAP (from 3).

terminator assault cannon now do 1.5x damage, cost 2x

scout sniper rifles setup time from 2.5 to 1.5, reload from 9 to 5 seconds

word of the emperor recharge time reduced

special attacks for hero: damage doubled, time to recharge doubled.

sergent has lower HP (he is whitout helmet), but has many abilities.

land speeder X2 >> CAP2(from 1);damage, health,cost,time to get,hardCAP 

orbital bombing global timer set to 90 sec (from 240),
added fire cost of 500 req 500 pow. shots 5x stronger 


necron warriors, immortals, flayed ones squads from 4-8 to 1-2 members

monolith regeneration rate from 10 to 50 hp per second

monolith cost from 1000 to 2000 power

monolith health from 10000 to 20000

monolith teleport ability range from 80 to 160

monolith particle whip reload time from 3 to 1.5

monolith teleportation usable also at low health

necron lord destroyer health from 1250 to 2250

necron wraith cap reduced from 2 to 1

immortals (from 2) and flayed ones (from 3) CAP moved to 4

immortals infantry damage increased, now they are really ELITE

immortals HARDCAP to 2, flayed ones to 3,pariah to 1. they not resurrect.

cumulative hardcap value of 3 for immortals,flayed ones, pariah.

tomb spyder can't spawn immortals or flayed ones from harvested bodys.

destroyers (all variants) spot stealth in melee with them

IMPERIAL GUARD ===========================================================

assassin accuracy from 80% to 100%

minimum range for exitus rifle from 10 to 0 (was a nosense)

reload time of exitus rifle from 7 to 4 seconds, damage from 1300 to 2000

scope for exitus rifle damage from 2x to 3x

exitus rifle damage versus vehicle high from 15 to 50 % (aim in weak spots)

earthshake round damage from 2800 to 4800. cost from 200-200 to 300-300

baneblade CAP from 3 to 0

kasrkins squads from 1 to 3 avaible, ogryns from 1 to 2.

kasrkins and ogryns cumulative CAP 3, to spare between them.

heavy weapon team sight X1.5 when entrenched. (from X1)

basilisk spot stealth in melee with them (2 soldiers on board)


CSM and raptors reduced from 10 to 3 members

Khorne bersekers and possessed reduced from 8 to 2 members

obliterators reduced from 6 to 2 members

bloodthirster (from 90) and demon prince (from 60) research to 20 seconds

2 bloodthirsters can exist togheter, but CAP must be respected to have both

bloothirster infantry CAP from 5 to 3

6 CAP for possessed and obliterators: 2 Poss or 2 Obli or 1 Pos and 1 Obli 

plasma,missile launcher, flamer are back for tac squads.

missile launcher damage from 485 to 1700, penetration from 30 to 40 (vehicle medium)

horrors infantry damage x2/x3, melee damage x5, vehicle damage reduced by 50%


krootox cost increased from 275-150 to 350-300

krootox moving speed from 16 to 12.

broadsides squad formed by 1. (from 3), 35 seconds to get (instead of 45)

broadsides railgun minimum range removed (from 8)

broadsides railgun range from 40 to 45 (to compensate the auto-aim bug)

broadside entrenched sight x1.5 (from x1)

targeting optics research moved to mont'ka from kayuon

tau hammerhead railgun damage to monster high from 50% to 100%

tau kroot hounds now under the patch of mont'ka.

ORKS ==================================================

maximum CAP moved from 100 to 120

trukk now holds 2 squads (from 1)

squiggoth regeneration 4 hp/second (from 0 )

squiggoth CAP removed (from 3)


avatar regenerate health only in combat, 20 hp (from 2)

they have the highest accuracy of the game (they are elf,supposed to be "better")
some were 65%, now all 100% is a big advantage

fleet of foot speed X 2 (from X 1,5),researched for free, in 10 seconds. (elf ARE fast, huh?)

builder ability "wraithtomb" now is 25 sec (from 30), but it disable combat and movemet too
cost on activation: 500 req 500 power,90 seconds recharge glogal timer.
target: buildings AND SUPER UNITS (avatar,bloodthirster,monolith,baneblade,land raider,knarloc,squiggoth)

===========================>>>>>>>  TIPS:  <<<<<<<==========================================

in this mod every race,at last tier,has "unbalanced units" , if used properly. 
they ARE NOT "uber", without weak points, but if used with lot of skill they can win the battle for you.
my suggest is learn use them, and learn to kill the one of the enemy, before the "decisive battle".
to help you all, i will list strong and weak points of this unit:


* assault terminators: (+) theyr stun can "stun-lock" anything to death.
                       (-) thay have no ranged and are slow. kill them from distance. or disrupt.
* terminators        : (+) they are devasting with ranged
                       (-) thayr melee is not great.with high HP is better use a melee specialist.
* whirlwinds         : (+) with multifire ability can be deadly.
                       (-) they have low HP,and cannot fire too near them. melee them to death.
* landraider         : (+) huge vehicle and building damage.machine spirit (MS) reduce ranged damaged to 40%
                       (-) MS melee damage is 100%, and his weapons no good against infantry.


* bloodthirsters     : (+) they are 14.000 HP of melee destruction, must say more?
                       (-) thay not have ranged,make them follow your units, while the rest shoot at them.
* obliterators       : (+) ranged uber weapons.
                       (-) in melee they are not good. melee them and they are unuseful.
* possessed          : (+) strong melee,no morale,and morale-devastating ranged flamer.very fast unit.
                       (-) keep them disrupt as you can, and is better fire at them. melee them is suicide. 


* assassin           : (+) long sight,long range,almost 1-hit-kill rifle.scope ability, stealth.
                       (-) 350 health,cannot spot infiltrated unit.
* earthshake rounds  : (+) they are devastating against everything.long range too.
                       (-) they cost a lot, plus basilisk have VERY low health. hit and run to kill.


* restored monolith  : (+) yeah,it is a deadly mobile fortress.huge health,regen,damage;plus it disrupt.
                       (-) it has the huge cost (specially for the necrons) of 2000. strike before necron can buy it. 

* nightbringer       : (+) invulnerable! it ALWAYS kill the uber units, avatars, vehicles, heros.
                       (-) it can ONLY kill ubers. the normal units seems too much for him. after 60 seconds he disappear.


* free slugga        : (+) damn,they cost 0, you can overwatch 4-5 boys hut, and you have an infinite stream of sluggas!
                       (-) it need a "critic mass",or it is unuseful (is over 50 CAP for me).half CAP goes in sluggas :(

* squiggoth          : (+) very stong, ranged and melee damage,can be repaired by infiltrated grots.good agains all things
                       (-) it do all good, but do nothing "particular good".no special weak points. just fire at it.


* fire warrior RANGE : (+) they do great damage,at huge distance!         
                       (-) is easy disrupt them, in melee they are ridicolous.

* krootox            : (+) nearly 9000 health, and great melee and ranged damage! 5 of them are really a bad situation.
                       (-) they cost a lot, and are very slow moving.tau have no turrets 
                           (why i said it here?),scout them; it mean that if all this krootox are movin to your base,
                           you can probably attack tau base without troubles!

* hammerhead         : (+) is a vehicle killer, with good range. you can have 2 of them, remember it!
                       (-) has low health, and it mean no krootox.

* etheral            : (+) health bonus to all tau, cloning ability (very useful), air strike ability. 
                       (-) low health. low melee and ranged damage. kill it and you remove health from all tau.

* great knarloc      : (+) good health, quite fast, good melee damage. is the best "shield" of your tau force
                       (-) no ranged damage,dance it. it has 3 vehicle CAP, so it's a krootox less. 


* avatar             : (+) high health and melee damage, increase CAPs, morale immunity to eldar, buildtime decreased.
                       (-) no ranged damage, regenerate health only in combat.

* builder            : (+) has wraithtomb ability,it "stun" for 25 seconds an uber unit (or a building)
                       (-) is just a builder. easy to kill. has a global timer on the ability.

* speed and stealth  : (+) with fleet of foot,eldar run 2X faster than normal,theyr buildings can relocate, theyr webways 
                           allow moving entire armys in a click. stealth bases are also a good option to hide secondary bases.
                       (-) not really "drawbacks",you reveal the webway hiding all,kill it,and the and the advantage is lost :)

NECRON MONOLITH EXAMPLE: (it seems so hard to kill it,20000hp + 50hp/sec regeneration, so i use it as example):
                           focus fire, it negate the regeneration rate.every race has the 
                           proper counter to big problems like this. SM have stun,CSM have 2 blood thirsters
                           and 1 demon prince (they don't disrupt),IG have assassin (1000 base damage,
                           and 3000 with scope, plus longer range),orks have mere numbers,"free sluggas" is
                           the best thing of this race;set rally point of at least 4-5 barracks to the monolith,
                           and it will never be able to kill them all,coming in a slow death under sluggas axes.
                           eldar have the new wraithtomb ability, that can stun the monolith,and an avatar to kill it.
                           tau have knarloc,and or krootox or hammerhead to kill it.
                           ....and necrons have theyr big monolith for all troubles, and nightbringer for avatars.

                           ....just use the brain, and foundthe weak spot. everything has one :)


all infantry to 0.7 

all walkers vehicles to 0.9 

all vehicles to 1 (remain the same)


land speeder: 0.85 (due to the 2 marines on board)
drop-pod : 1.1
bloodthirster : 1
avatar : 1
horrors : 0.8
obliterators : 0.8
possessed : 0.8
chaos lord : 0.8
basilisk : 0.7 (due to the 2 trooper on board)
defiler: 0.85 (it is already big :) )
brightlance : 0.9
squiggoth : 1 
warboss : 0.9
wartrak : 0.7 (due to the ork on board)
trukk : 0.8 
drone harbingers : 0.8
greater knarloc : 1
krootox : 0.8
guardsmen : 0.64 <<->> 0.68
etheral : 0.64
kroot warriors : 0.65
firewarriors & pathfinders : 0.65
bradsides : 0.8




units (walkers vehicles,transport vehicles,TIER II vehicles too) speed,sight,scaled to 0.7
WEAPONS RANGE NOT SCALED! they need "spotters" (skill) now, due to lower sight range.
jumps/teleports have not been scaled.
abilitys have not been scaled.
vehicles (not walkers) have not been scaled. 
missile launchers, sniper rifles, and anti-tank in general are not scaled
listening post, turrets, and buildings have not been scaled.


entrenched IG HWT: 26,25 (17.5 scaled,and not entrenched)
scarabs (swarms) : speed not scaled. 20 speed.
entrenched broadside: 21 (14 scaled, and not entrenched)

known issues:

SM and CSM sergeants have lower damage and health than members of theyr squad
i'm still thinking a balanced, creative way to make them bettere than theyr soldiers
for now i added many useful abilitys, it should be enought, taking into account that they 
cost also less than the standard soldiers,and theyr main job is rally troops, 
not fight (lower damage) or take bullets (without helmets). 


the creators of the game
the developers of the modding tools
the community
brother_horus, an invaluable helper with the attribute editor
davisbe, the biggest helper for scaling my units
some other members of relic adeptus modificatus forum
viktor, for testing the mod with me (too few times, but still better than nothing ;) )
to some people that had good ideas, that i used for the mod.
to me, that ideated and realized this mod. ([email protected])

see ya guys................ 


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