Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade v1.11 to v1.20 Patch



Yep, ANOTHER Patch we've got released here. The changes can be seen in the 'ReadMe' section. I'm glad about the fact that we can finally include the Chaplian as an attached unit. Could have done with a few more 6 or 8 player maps too...

- Ash



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« Some videos to complement this…CoH Server Side Patch shipped yesterday… »DC Patch 1.2 Changelog
Please note:- There are some differences between the English patch notes and the translated notes. Please defer to the English version in the event of discrepancies.

- Chinese versions will receive a DIFFERENT patch in a few days. If you install the non-Chinese patch manually on a Chinese version, you will likely experience $nokey errors on the map selection screen and elsewhere in the game.

To view the rest of the changelog, please click the link below.

Patch 1.2 Notes


Health bars for all races now display the accumulated health when there are multiple members in a squad. 
Health bar damage color coding will now properly update based on percentage of damage suffered. 
Increased the stealth detection radius on Relics by 1. 
Increased the stealth detection on Critical Locations by 2. 
All races now have Power decay. 
All flamer weapons have 70% accuracy on the move. 
Starting resources of Quick-Start mode have been increased 
Requisition has been increased from 5,000 to 10,000. 
Necron Power has been increased from 15,000 to 20,000. 
Thermo Plasma Generators now require Tier 2. 
Increased accuracy on the move from 10% to 15%. 
Deleting completed HQ, Barracks, and Power Generators now return 10% of the resources to the player. 
Significantly decreased the Tier 3 infantry damage vs. buildings and vehicles. 
All turrets other than the Necron Turret now require a Barracks or an Armory. 



Plasma Gun upgrade on Chaos Space Marine Squads now require both an Armory and an Unholy Monastery. 
Cultists now require the Unholy Sight research from the Barracks to detect infiltrated units. 
Significantly decreased the cool down on the Sorcerer’s teleport ability. 
Increased Tainted Auspex Ward detection radius to 17. 
Predators now require a support cap of 4. 
Chaos Lord no longer takes extra damage when the Daemon Strength ability is activated. 
Increased the Chains of Torment ability cool down from 60 to 80. 
The Chaos Sacrificial Circle and Machine Pit no longer require a Barracks or the Armory.   
Heavy Bolter Turrets now require either a Chaos Armory or a Chaos Temple. 
Increased the build time on the Sacrificial Circle from 25 to 35. 
Increased the cost of the Desecrated Fortress from 300r/100p to 300r/105p. 
Chaos Infiltration research has been separated into 2 different researches: one for Cultists, and one for Chaos Space Marines. 
Chaos Projectiles Research has been reworked. 
Now renamed to Chaos Energies. 
Now adds 1000 health to Predators. 
Now adds 500 health to Defilers. 
Now allows individual Predator weapons to be upgraded to Lascannons. 
Khorne Berserkers now require the Sacrificial Circle. 
Added Mark of Khorne ability to Tier 3: a Berserker ability that causes enemies to run away in fear for 2.5 seconds. 
Daemon Prince 
Significantly increased the special attacks damage of the Daemon Prince. 
Daemon Prince now benefits from the Symbol of Chaos research. 
Decreased Daemon Prince Summoning Research cost from 400/400 to 250/250. 
Increased Defiler Battle Cannon disruption radius from 4 to 5. 
Increased Defiler Battle Cannon throw force from 25-45 to 40-60. 
Slightly increased Defiler Auto Cannon range from 25 to 28. 
Horror squads can now be reinforced. 
Horror squad armor type has been changed from Monster Medium to Heavy Medium. 
Lascannon upgrades have been restored to the Predator. 
Significantly decreased Chaos Predators Lascannon damage against infantry. 
Decreased Obliterator Lascannon damage against some buildings. 
Possessed Space Marine 
Daemonic Mutation was removed from the game. The upgrade bonuses have been added to the base Possessed Marine unit. 
Decreased Possessed Space Marines damage against buildings and vehicles. 



Reduced Seer Council damage against building and vehicles. 
Bone Singers now spawn with the Teleport ability half charged. 
Increased the cost of Rangers from 40r/0p to 40r/5p 
Decreased the morale damage done by the Grav Tank Star Cannon by 15% 
Increased the disruption radius of Vypers from 4 to 6. 
Increased the range of the Vyper Missile vertical traverse. 
Farseer Hero research and Farseer Veteran research now increases Guardian Warlock health by 150 each. 
Increased squad hold capacity of Falcon Grav Tanks from 1 to 2. 
Fire Dragons now require 2 slots in a transport. 
Slightly decreased Ranger damage vs. Commander Armor. 
Soul Shrine requisition cost has been reduced by 50. 
Mobilized for War Research moved from the Soul Shrine to the HQ. 
Support Platform now requires an Aspect Portal. 
Dark Reapers 
Enhanced Optics upgrade now gives more damage and range to Dark Reapers. 
Dark Reaper knife penetration to Infantry Medium reduced from 45 to 27. 
Modified Call of War research to account for the Banshee Tier 1 health upgrades (Tier 2 Banshees still have the same health). 
Morale regeneration rate set to 15 per second. 
Increased Banshee Tier 1 health by 10%. 
Increased Banshee Exarch Tier 1 health by 10% 
Harlequins Kiss damage is now capped at 4000. 
Decreased their population cap from 2 to 1. 
Harlequins can now detect infiltrated units. 
Its stealth detection radius was changed to 35. 
Grav Platforms have been reworked 
Moved from Tier 2 to Tier 3 
Acceleration and turning speeds have been adjusted. 
No longer affected by cover. 
No longer attach to squads. 
Turbo Boost ability was removed. 
Armor type has been changed to Vehicle Low 
Each Grav Platform type has a squad limit of 3 
The Bright Lance on Grav Platforms has been reworked 
Any unit being damaged by the Bright Lance takes 75% more damage. 
Their damage increase debuff no longer stacks. 
Setup time was changed to 2 seconds. 
The Bright Lance itself now does moderate damage to vehicles. 
The Shuriken Cannon on the Grav Platform has been reworked 
Now does area of effect damage. 
Any unit being damaged by the Shuriken Cannon now suffers from a movement speed penalty. 
Warp Spiders 
Reduced the Warp Spider’s damage to vehicles. 
Reinforced Armor Upgrade health bonus for Warp Spiders decreased from 25% to 15%. 
Enhanced Reinforced Armor Upgrade health bonus for Warp Spiders decreased from 40% to 25%. 

Imperial Guard

Increased the damage of garrisoned-building weapons by 25%. 
Reduced the damage the Heavy Bolter Turret does to buildings 
Battle Armor upgrade now increases the Guardsmen Sergeants’ health by 150. 
Execute ability no longer affects heavy weapons in Guardsmen and Kasrkin squads. 
Increased the health of Kasrkin from 350 to 385. 
Tier 2 Requisition Upgrade income bonus reduced from 25% to 20% 
Mars Pattern Command armor type changed to Building Medium. 
The Tier 3 HQ upgrade now requires a Mechanized Command 
Heavy Bolter Turret now requires either an Infantry Command or a Tactica Control. 
Reduced the cost of the Tactica Control from 175r/50p to 150r/50p 
Curse of the Machine Spirits ability has been reworked 
No longer changes the vehicle’s armor type. 
Now immobilizes the target vehicle for a short time. 
Shuts down all weapons on the target vehicle for a short time. 
Weapon Specialization has been fixed 
Damage bonus no longer applies to Guardsmen Grenade Launchers twice. Rather, it applies once to Guardsmen Grenade Launchers and once to Kasrkin Grenade Launchers. 
Decreased the Plasma Gun damage bonus from 100% to 50%. 
Heavy Weapon Specialization upgrade now increases the max number of heavy weapons per Guardsmen squad from 3 to 5. 
Assassin melee penetration to buildings reduced by 50%. 
Significantly decreased the damage the Assassin does to Commander Armor. 
Assassination Scope no longer increases the Assassin’s line of sight. 
Infiltrate is now a research that comes from the Tactica Control. 
Decreased its max speed from 24 to 15. 
Increased its reload time from 6 to 9. 
Heavy Weapons Team 
Lascannon damage has been increased by 10%. 
Decreased the build time of weapon upgrades. 
Slightly decreased Heavy Bolter damage to buildings when entrenched. 
Decreased the initial damage of the Hellhound’s Let it Burn ability from 100-150 to 25-50. 
Reduced the Hellhound accuracy on the move penalty from 40% to 15%. 
Priest’s morale and health bonuses will now stack with other bonuses 
Priest’s morale now recovers at 50 morale. 
Increased their health from 625 to 690. 
Decreased their Ripper Gun’s melee damage to buildings and vehicles. 
Armor type was changed from Monster Medium to Infantry Heavy High. 
No longer benefit from the Execute ability. 
Sanctioned Psyker 
Decreased the backfire chance of the Strip Soul ability from 15% to 0%. 
Decreased Strip Soul’s penetration damage to Commander Armor from 75 to 65. 
Decreased the damage of the Strip Soul ability from 300 to 255. 



Increased Heavy Destroyer damage against all vehicle types. 
Significantly increased the damage of Pariahs to Monster Medium armor, making them a more effective counter to Krootox. 
Necrons now have visual effects indicating Necron Warrior and Wraith upgrades. 
When a Monolith becomes a Fully Restored Monolith, it no longer loses its control group binding. 
Decreased the second Necron Power research cost from 750 to 550. 
Decreased the first Necron Power research cost from 400 to 300. 
Increased Necron Summoning Core’s armor from 0 to 100. 
Flayed Ones 
Are now available after building a Summoning Core. 
Are now morale immune. 
Decreased Flayed Ones special attacks damage to buildings. 
Necron Lord 
Added a visual for the Lightning Field ability. 
Lightning Field now charges twice as fast. 
Lightning Field also charges additionally when the Necron Lord inflicts melee damage. 
Decreased the radius of the Lightning Field ability from 15 to 5. 
Decreased the damage of the Lightning Field ability by 50%. 
Decreased the amount of health units receive when resurrected by the Resurrection Orb ability from 50% to 30%. 
Resurrection Orb is now limited to +24 infantry pop cap. 
Decreased Chronometron cool down from 90 to 70. 
Increased the cool down of Night Bringer from 180 to 300. 
Increased the cool down of Solar Pulse from 60 to 70. 
No longer receives a health bonus for each Tier 3 Monolith present in the game. 
Necron Warrior 
Decreased their accuracy on the move from 100% to 80%. 
Disruption Field upgrade no longer increases the range of Necron Warriors. 
Slightly decreased the Necron Warrior damage against buildings and vehicles. 
Decreased the health bonus of the Disruption Field upgrade. 
Teleports will fail when Necron Warriors get knocked down, but the ability will no longer become greyed out. 
Wraiths are now morale immune. 
Decreased the Wraith Claw damage against some buildings. 
Now begin with an ability that reduces ranged damage by 40%. This ability is always active. 
Wraithflight upgrade now increases ranged damage reduction by an additional 40% for a total reduction of 80%. 
Wraithflight no longer grants a health bonus. 
Decreased initial health from 660 to 500. 
Slightly decreased the Wraith’s chance to sync kill. 


Decreased the cost of the Killakan from 190r/300p to 190r/275p. 
Reduced Ork buildings’ turret damage against Infantry High. 
Nob, Nob Leaders, and Stormboy Nob Leaders now receive an armor upgrade from the Tier 4 vehicle upgrade rather than Super ‘Eavy Boy Armor Research. 
Even More Dakka Research now increases Trukk damage by 15%. 
Reintroduced the More Burna and Even More Burna upgrades into the game. 
Tank Bustas now require an upgrade to infiltrate. 
Slightly decreased the cost and build time of the Ork Mek Shop. 
Kustom Gadgitz research now increases the Big Mek’s Keen Sight by 10. 
Even More Choppy research has been reintroduced 
Increases the damage of Slugga, Stormboy, Shoota Boy, and Nob Choppa squads by 35%. 
This research will not affect Power Klaws. 
The research is now available at Tier 3 with a cost of 150r/100p. 
Ork Waaagh Charge (mobbing) abilities have been reworked. 
Mob bonuses triggering will now require a Pile O’ Gunz and a population of 50. 
Morale regeneration and damage bonuses now only apply to individual squads. The more units that are in a squad, the higher the benefit. 
A speed bonus has been added to the ability. 
A health regeneration bonus has been added to the ability 
Decreased the minimum number of Orks needed to start the bonus from 15 to 5. 
Morale immunity is still area effect and is not confined to individual squads. 
Waaagh Banner 
Decreased its infiltration detection radius from 35 to 25. 
Big Guns upgrade now increases the infiltration detection radius from 25 to 35. 
Big Mek 
Decreased its cost from 190r/60p to 190r/50p 
Decreased its Keen Sight base value from 25 to 20. 
Is affected by the Waaagh Charge ability when attached to squads. 
Flash Gitz 
Decreased their morale regeneration rate from 50 to 9 per second. 
Significantly decreased their damage against vehicles and buildings. 
Can now enter transports. 
Can now benefit from the Waaagh Charge’s damage bonus. 
Their maximum squad size has been decreased to 5. 
Their health has been increased from 50 to 100. 
Slugga Boy Burnaz 
Slugga Boy Burnaz now require 20 pop to build. 
Increased Slugga Boy Burnaz from 20r/5p to 20r/10p. 
Slightly increased the damage of Slugga Boy Burna damage to Building Low. 
Reduced Stormboyz damage to buildings by 20%. 
Increased Stormboyz health from 220 to 275. 
Stormboyz Nob Leaders no longer take up pop after they are killed. 
Stikk Bombs now have a minimum damage of 25. 
Mad Dok 
Increased its cost to 75r/75p. 
Increased its training time from 15 to 20. 
Mad Dok’s Burna Bomb 
The Burna Bomb no longer explodes when deleted. 
Destroying the Burna Bomb before the countdown has expired also prevents the bomb from going off. 
Increased the minimum damage of Burna Bombs to 500. 
Changed the Burna Bomb armor type to Building Low. 
Slightly decreased the health of the Burna Bomb. 
Reduced the building armor penetration on the Burna Bomb from 50 to 20. 
Damage reduced by 15%. 
Increased the squad hold capacity of the Wartrukk from 1 to 2. 

Space Marines

Decreased the squad cap bonus of Space Marine Sergeants from 2 to 1. 
The Force Commander and Librarian now start with Power Swords which have the same stats as their previous weapons. 
The Predator is now available at Tier 3 with an Auto Cannon and 2 Heavy Bolters. 
Significantly decreased Space Marine Predator Lascannon damage against infantry. 
The Chaplain can now attach to squads. 
Orbital Bombardment ability’s later effects no longer have 100% penetration against Building High. 
Decreased Orbital Relay squad hold capacity from 4 to 3. 
Decreased the Apothecary and Chaplain’s secondary healing aura from 4 to 2. The primary healing aura remains unchanged. 
Decreased Smite damage against infantry. 
Power Fists Research now increases the damage of the Force Weapon and the Crozius Arcanum 
Increased the cost of the Monastery upgrade from 250r/100p to 250r/105p. 
Removed the Armory requirement on the Orbital Relay Deep Strike ability. 
Reduced the Scout Infiltration research cost from 100r/200p to 100r/150p. 
Heavy Weapons Deployment now allows Predators to upgrade its individual weapons to Lascannons. 
Decreased the research time on Furious Charge from 45 to 20. 
The Power Weapons research now bestows the Force Commander and the Librarian with a Daemon Hammer and Force Weapon respectively. Both weapons have slightly increased stats over the Power Swords from version 1.11. 
Miscellaneous Weapons Tuning 
Reduced the accuracy of the Assault Marine Bolt Pistol from 0.85 to 0.7 
Decreased the Hellfire missile disruption radius from 5 to 4. 
Decreased the Force Commander, Librarian, and Chaplain Plasma Pistol damage by 20%. 
Slightly increased the damage of the Sergeant’s Plasma Pistol. 
Decreased the Tactical Marine Missile Launcher setup time from 2.5 to 2. 
Decreased the Terminator’s Storm Bolter damage against buildings. 
Increased its health from 200 to 500. 
Increased its cost from 45r/15p to 60r/15p. 
Increased its training time from 6 to 15. 
Changed its armor type from Heavy Medium to Heavy High. 
Assault Marines 
Increased recharge time of their jump ability from 90 to 110 seconds. 
Increased the squad cap count of Assault Space Marine squads from 2 to 3. 
Assault Terminator 
Reduced the stun percentage of their attacks. 
Adjusted their damage against buildings. 
Decreased their damage against vehicles. 
Grey Knights 
Decreased the cost of Grey Knights from 60r/60p to 60r/30p. 
Significantly decreased the damage of the Psychic Inquisition ability. 
Reduced the ranged damage of the Grey Knight. 
Land Speeder 
Increased their build time from 19 to 30. 
Increased their cost from 120r/80p to 120r/95p. 
Skull Probes 
Health increased from 100 to 200. 
Require either a Barracks or an Armory 
Now require a separate research to infiltrate. 
Reduced damage by 20% 
The Whirlwind no longer fires on the move. 
The Whirlwind now requires Tier 4. 



The Tau Mark Target ability no longer stacks when applied multiple times. 
The Shas’vre Steath Suit now has a new ability that increases the health of squad members by 250. 
Krootox now have a squad limit of 2. 
Tau Photon Grenade and EMP Grenade no longer target ground. 
Devilfish Transport now has a squad limit of 3. 
Significantly decreased Kroot Hound damage to vehicles and buildings. 
Target Acquired will now always target the squad leader. 
The Skyray Missile Barrage cool down has been increased from 60 to 70 seconds. 
Decreased Drone Squads’ Death Explosion radius from 5 to 4. 
Increased the LP 3 weapon damage from 400-453 to 700-900. 
Tau Commander Snare Trap no longer stacks with other snare traps. 
Greatly increased the health of the Shrine of Kauyon and Shrine of Mont’ka. 
Improved Metallurgy now increases the Tau Commander’s health by 200. 
Path to Enlightenment now only requires a Barracks. 
Path to Enlightenment HP increased by 1000. 
Kroot Barracks has been renamed as the Kroot Shaping Center, and now requires a Path to Enlightenment. 
The Greater Knarloc now requires Tier 4. 
Broadside Battlesuit 
Are now a squad of 1. Its damage, health, and costs have been adjusted accordingly. 
Greatly decreased Missile Launcher vehicle damage. 
Decreased Missile Launcher area of effect damage. 
Decreased the minimum range of the Broadside Railgun from 8 to 5. 
Decreased Railgun area of effect damage. 
Significantly decreased their damage against buildings. 
Crisis Suit 
Increased Missile Pod damage against some buildings. 
Increased Flamer reload time to 0.15 seconds. 
Decreased Flamer damage against all infantry by 10% 
Decreased Flamer damage against vehicles. 
Increased its morale recovery value from 50 to 150. 
Significantly decreased Burst Cannon damage to vehicles and buildings. 
Significantly reduced Fusion Blaster damage against buildings. 
Ethereal can now detect. 
Increased the Ethereal Death Pulse cool down from 90 to 110. 
Ethereal’s Honor Guard are now capped at 1 squad. 
Ethereal’s Honor Guard now have a setup time. 
Fire Warrior 
Body Guards are now a squad of 1. 
Reduced its ranged damage. 
Shas’vre Fire Warriors now have a setup time on their ranged weapons. 
Slightly decreased damage against infantry. 
Decreased the damage bonus from the Advanced Pulse Rifle upgrade from 35% to 30%. 
Reduced Pulse Rifle damage from 70-80 to 63-72. 
Increased morale recovery value from 50 to 150. 
Increased the training time from 30 to 45 seconds. 
Increased the cost from 150r/275p to 165r/315p. 
Damage to infantry has been significantly reduced. 
Increased Hammerhead Gunship health from 2700 to 4000. 
Slightly reduced the Hammerhead Gunship’s accuracy on the move. 
Changed Hammerhead Gunship armor type from Vehicle High to Vehicle Medium. 
Kroot Carnivores 
Increased the cost of Kroot Carnivores from 40r/0p to 45r/0p. 
Kroot Carnivores have been moved to the Tau Barracks. 
Kroot Carnivore morale recovery value increased from 50 to 150. 
Increased morale recovery value from 50 to 150. 
Increased health from 250 to 350. 
Tau Commander 
Plasma Rifle upgrade now requires a Shrine of Mont’ka or a Shrine of Kauyon. 
Fusion Blaster upgrade now requires just a Path to Englightenment. 
Vespid Auxiliary have been reworked 
The Destabilization ability’s damage over time reduced from 400 to 200 
Squads are now capped at 5 members. 
Vespids now start with 3 squad members. 
Reduced Vespid cost from 60r/10p to 50r/10p. 
Squad build time increased from 0 seconds to 6 seconds per member. 
Morale recovery value increased from 50 to 150. 
Health increased by 10%. 
Shred now causes buildings to take double damage from all weapons for 10 seconds. 
Sonic Pulse now causes 50 damage to all unit types. 



Payne’s Retribution: Outer edges of rivers are now marked impassable. 
Quest’s Triumph: 2nd ramp to center point was added to improve balance. 
Shrine of Excellion: The area surrounding the center critical location was fixed in order to improve pathing issues. 
New 2 player maps have been added to the game 
Tranquility’s End 
Emerald River 
Fata Morga 
Bloody Hell 
Emperor’s Valley 
Frostbite River 
Haine’s Demise 
Titan’s Fall 
Tartarus Center: Added back into the game. 
Fear: Updated to improve balance, and has been added back into the game 


Bug Fixes

The Imperial Guard Assassin can no longer fire on the move. 
Kroot Shaper’s health bonus and health regeneration bonuses are now applying properly. 
Cultist Aspiring Champions are now affected by Furious Charge and Purge the Weak. 
Building the Vespid Strain Leader no longer causes the Vespid abilities to reset. 
Building the Warpspider Exarch in the Warpspider squad no longer resets the Haywire Grenade ability. 
Fire Dragons now correctly fire at targets within range. 
The Big Mek now does significantly more damage to Vehicle High. 
Random race is now displayed properly on the loading screen of Auto-match games. 
The in game notification box has been decreased in size and relocated to the top of the screen to provide more map visibility. 
The Tau Broadside Battlesuits and IG Heavy Weapons Teams can now target units while entrenched. 
Entrenching/transforming units no longer lose their cursor selection or key bindings when switching entities. 
Shield Drones on Fire Warrior squads now complete building while the squad is moving. 
Ranged squad stances now function properly with the rally point command. 
Simulating lag in Auto-match games will no longer give players free wins. 
Auto-match games no longer crash when holding down the left mouse button on the cancel icon while loading an auto-match game. 
Players can now target enemy troops in a replay when the Fog of War is turned off. 
The placeholder icon for the Night Bringer research in observer mode has been removed. 
Broadside Battlesuit Railgun firing animation now matches the weapon’s rate of fire. 
Daemon Prince now correctly receives the bonuses of the Daemon Strength ability. 
The IG Commissar Execute ability no longer stacks. 
Fixed issue with IG Priest bonuses stacking improperly. 
Fixed issue with the Necron Summoning Core armor not functioning properly. 
Fixed a bug where Ork Armored Nobz were fighting in ranged mode instead of melee. 
Ork Tougher Bosses research now correctly increases the damage of the Warboss Power Klaw. 
Stormboy Nob leaders no longer take up pop after they are killed. 
Ork Fighting Juice ability now has a noticeable effect that lasts the entire duration of the ability. 
Pathfinders cloned with Ethereal’s Holographic Projection can no longer jump. 
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