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WOW! I brought Orange Box (on which one of the games is Team Fortress 2) about 2 weeks ago, and have been playing it ever since. (Thats pro...


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WOW! I brought Orange Box (on which one of the games is Team Fortress 2) about 2 weeks ago, and have been playing it ever since. (Thats probably why there havent been many files uploaded, but surely Nid and Gaffer are ok?). Anyway, Im very glad to see a mod like this, and hope to see more from the miraculous Fuggles in the future.

- jack051093

P.S. - 1. Don't worry about copying the DXP2 folder over your original one, it only puts some maps in, it won't break online play. - 2. Once the proper thing is here (not the alpha release), maybe we could organise some games of this?

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Download 'dow_fortress_by_fuggles_alpha_1.zip' (2.73MB)

Dow:Fortress Alpha #1
By Fuggles

Dow:Fortress is a multiplayer mod for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade which changes the regular gameplay of DC and exchanges it for an approximation of the gameplay found in Team Fortress 2. 

TF2 is a first-person-shooter where you are a member of either the red or blue team in an effort to steal the flag from the other team's base and return it to yours. In play you pick a class of character to play as and the idea is that you pick a team based on a plan or to react to the battle. In reality people play as what they want, I'm nearly always the medic, because I can.

In Dow:Fortress you control a team of 9. Each one of these can be of the class of your choosing, out of a selection of 9. Each class brings a new strength and weakness to the team, so it's worth having a plan before the match starts.

At the start of a match you will have a 15 second build period, during which neither team can escape their start area and your build time is instant. When the teleporters activate and the match begins be aware that the build time for your troops will increase substantially to reflect the respawn rules of TF2.

It is at the point that the teleporters activate that you can get on with your mission.

Within this file are 2 folders DXP2 and DOWFORT. These go into your Dark Crusade root directory, typically C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War Dark Crusade. You may be asked if it's okay to overwrite the DXP2 as it already exists and this is fine. The .module file also goes in the Dawn of War Dark Crusade root folder. Heck, extract the lot to \Dawn of War Dark Crusade from the zip and you won't go far wrong.


DoW:Fortress has 2 types of map; Capture the Flag and Catch the Rhino. In this build there are 2 maps, [CTF] The Flag of Excellion and [CTR] Catch the Rhino Map 1. Note that the latter is not textured/decalled yet and is here to demonstrate the game mode.

Capture the Flag requires you to select the new 'catch the flag' victory condition and is in essence Take and Hold of a critical point, but with a much shorter holding period to reflect the faster nature of the game. 

Catch the Rhino is a new game mode which more closely reflects the cut and thrust of Catch the Flag in TF2. Each team has a Rhino transport in their base, player 1 has a regular Space Marine Rhino, player 2 a Chaos Variant. Your team must get into the enemy base and steal their Rhino, before bringing it back to your base.

To steal a Rhino, first get near to it. The first time you do this will align the Rhino to your team and once under your control you must try to get it back to your base. Should this happen to you, your only choice is to steal it back via the possession abilities of your team. At this point you are a man down, but do have the freedom of movement for the Rhino, so can move it to a more secure location.

When you get the Rhino back to your base you will be awarded a point. The first team to score wins!


The scout
Strengths - Fast, very accurate with his gun whilst moving, can capture the flag really fast. Above average in melee.
Weaknesses - Not very tough, gun does not do great damage

The Heavy
Strengths- Massive firepower, incredibly tough
Weaknesses- VERY slow

The Medic
Strengths- Can heal nearby team members, or team up with another teammate to grant them both short term invincibility
Weaknesses- Only has melee weapons

The Pyro
Strengths- Capable of massive damage, able to see the Spy and sticky bombs, area denial ability
Weaknesses- Slow, not amazingly tough, not great in melee, short range weapon

The Spy
Strengths- Invisible, probable insta-kill with ranged weapon, can temporarily disable turrets
Weaknesses- Very weak once detected, cannot capture vehicles, not 100% invisible, ranged weapon requires spy to be next to target.

The Soldier
Strengths- Has anti-turret weaponery and disruption grenades
Weaknesses- On his own is vulnerable to infantry

The Sniper
Strengths- Long range, capable of killing a unit in one hit
Weaknesses- Slow fire rate, erratic damage, weak in close combat

The Demo-man
Strengths- Powerful and disruptive weapon, can set down sticky bomb traps.
Weaknesses- Struggles to hit fast moving targets

The Engineer 
Strengths- Capable of building turrets and teleports
Weaknesses- Weak combat ability, building is slow.


* This is a much faster and more micro-intensive game than regular DC
* Spamming units will not work as each class can be successfully countered by good tactics and/or another class
* Melee is not particularly efficient, expect high damage but relatively low chance to hit as the two warriors dance around each other in the mumba of death. Exceptions to this are the spy and the scout, who are pretty good at the ol' fisticuffs.
* You cannot kill the Rhino's or the enemy HQ, so don't try
* vary your tactics, be creative with your abilities
*Don't play against the AI, it can't use the teleports
*Make sure that you select 'Catch the Flag' victory condition when playing a [CTF] map
*Your HQ area is a safe haven - When in your HQ area you take no real damage, but neither can you build within it


Making maps for Dow:Fort is technically not particularly difficult, albeit a little fiddly- Simply make your map for either CTF or CTR then adapt the SCAR from one of the 2 demo maps here. 

1) Teleporters
To get the location of the teleporter glows put an entity down (can be scenery) where the teleport is going to be and then click on it with the object selecter (on the left of the top toolbar, looks like a drag select box and an arrow). This will show you on the right pane the X,Y,Z co-ordinates, so make a note of this and put it in the SCAR.

2) Markers
You need to export/import the SCAR markers for the teleporters/rhinos, so load up the CTR map and then go to file -> export -> SCAR markers. Load up your map and then file -> import->SCAR markers-> file.

There are 8 'no-build' markers which enable the no-build zone within the HQ which will need to be set up appropriately.

The markers for rhino capture and return points need to be set up too.

3) Cover
The HQ areas need to be coated in a thick layer of 'Blocking' cover type to enable the invulnerability modifier.

This is my first 'real' build. Although it contains all the classes, abilities and map types, it is mostly a showcase to show off what I am trying to achieve and hopefully build up some interest in the DC community. To this end, please bear in mind that I do not consider the CTR map or balance/troop abilities finished.

I really want to hear from you so please give me your suggestions/feedback! If you can help with map making or balance testing, then even better. 

I still need to:

*Enforce CTF conditions via SCAR so you don't even have to tick that box
*Obtain proper balance (although being a mirror match you could always argue...)
*Finish off the CTR map and build on the map selection as a whole.
*I would REALLY like to get weapons to obey the terrain, but they're not playing ball :(
*Change the UCS descriptions (may or may not happen)

Thanks for taking the time to play my mod!



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