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Well, another stats mod here, with various changes for the races. Unfortunately the guy hasn't given his name, only his e-mail address, so...


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Well, another stats mod here, with various changes for the races. Unfortunately the guy hasn't given his name, only his e-mail address, so maybe he'd like to send him name in, and we can add him as the developer? ;)

Anyhow, download I guess if you want to try a different balance for DC. :)

- Ash

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Download 'dc_balance_mod.rar' (279KB)

Ok so here we have my first ever attempt at modding. I wasnt reall going to publish it but I may aswell. Its just a small balance mod to get me familiar with the Attribite Editor. I cant remember all the changes I made but heres ones I can remember:

- All Hero's have had their Hitpoints doubled, just to make them more "heroish". Most relic units health is doubled to, just to make players fight for relics that bit harder.


- Put the necron pariahs into the Hero UI
- Put the Destroyer lords in the hero UI
- Increased Destroyer lords health (not quite doubled though)
- Changed the file path for the pariah's sound. They ain't silent anymore.
-slightly increased nightbringer meelee damage
- Reduced Maximum health of Necron Warriors


- Doubled Daemon Princes Health
- Doubled BloodThirsters health
- increased Defilers health slighty, to make them worth the 3 points.
- Removed the Aspiring Champions voice from Raptor and CSM squads (I find that voice annoying lol) the cultist chamption remains the same.

Space Marines

- Changed Grey Knights armour type to Heavy High, they died to quickly before.
- Added Grey Knights to the Hero UI
-Increased grey Knights health by 200 each


- Increased Melee damage of the Etherial,still weaker than most other hero's however.
- Gave Crisis Battlesuits a recharge rate.
- Increased pathfinders range and damage
- Increased damage of the Air caste strike. its now strong against  troops and light vehicles but not much use against large buildings.

Imperial Guard

- Doubled Baneblade Health and gave a 'repair' rate (just a health regeneration rate really)
- Increased Ogryn ranged damage
- Increased Commisar,priest,general, psykers and assasin health.


- doubled Avatar Health (its now 30'000. Pretty tough unit now)
- Doubled Harlequin health
- Increased Harlequin Damage

Well thats all I can remember. Some of these may actually be false due to many computer crashes and other issues (lol). But provide me with some feedback and I'll try and sort things out.

Things I still plan on learning to do are:

- Changing unit limit restrictions
- Changing how many weapon upgrades a squad can have
and probably a bunch of other things.

Any suggestions/help/advice please email me at [email protected]


IF you wish to use this mod in any of your own mods please give credit as due. No need to ask permission or anything like that...blah blah blah. As usual do nt distribute this mod in order to make any profit (not worth anything anyway lol)

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