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The old file was corrupted, so here's a working new version for you all. This is a set of tools which allow you to easily mod the game (!). Enjoy!




Dawn of War – Dark Crusade MOD Tools README v1.20

This file is a brief introduction to the Dawn of War – Dark Crusade MOD Tools.  If you want to jump straight into making scenarios then, you can safely ignore this file and visit the on-line documentation for the Mission Editor at http://www.relic.com/rdn/wiki.
Do NOT directly modify W40K or DXP2 data in place – this will potentially break multiplayer games for yourself and others!  Instead, you should modify any attribute files under your own mod project so that your changes are available only to people with your MOD installed.
.NET Framework
Some of the tools supplied with these MOD Tools require the Microsoft .NET Framework, version 2.0 or later.  This is not included with these tools and can be separately downloaded from Microsoft’s website.
Debugging In-Game
You can run the game with the “-dev” command line argument (no quotes) to run it in debug mode.  This will cause the game to create additional log files in the Logfiles/ sub-folder as well as additional in-game debugging information.  For example, when in-game you can type “sd_drawweapons=1” to enable weapon debugging information.
New MOD Setup
Please see the supplied ModSetup.rtf document for information on setting up new MODs and running the Attribute Editor to modify game-play data.
3DS Max Tools
We have included plug-ins and scripts for 3DS MAX 6 & 7.  Please copy the contents of the C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\ModTools\3dsmax\ folder to the appropriate MAX directory.

3DS MAX 5 and earlier is NOT supported.

Object Editor
If you receive a message “Unable to check out ‘model name’ in P4! …” then make sure your files are read/writable.

Attribute Editor
If the ‘Select the attribute folders you want to load’ dialogue is completely empty click the ‘Select All’ button and then wait while the attributes load.  Otherwise you can tick off specified ranges of attributes to load – this will make load times a little more bearable.
Non-Gameplay Data
If you want to view sample models, team colour files, sound files, fx files, event data, etc. then, you will need to extract the appropriate data archive.  See the on-line documentation for more details.
Other Tools
Tools to accomplish the following are currently not supplied:

•	Standalone Tool to Create Generic *.WTP files – if you put the appropriate files in DataSrc the 3DS Max plug-in will create the patterns for you
•	Tool to create *.RTX files – these are used when a user turns off team colouring for a player slot, if they are not present the model will use the texture exported with the model
•	Model tools for other packages – currently we only provide tools for 3DS MAX, version 6 or greater.
If you have any other questions please visit our on-line documentation at http://www.relic.com/rdn/wiki.

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