Dead of Winter

Two versions of the same map, one is a standard 2vs2 map and the other is a 2vs2 with a SCAR controlled ancient evil.

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Two versions of the same map, one is a standard 2vs2 map and the other is a 2vs2 with a SCAR controlled ancient evil.

I know I usually don't write descriptions (since I'm not exactly allowed to) but hear me out:

In this 4 player winter themed map, players eyes will be dazzled by the beautiful visuals created for this map. I'm not lying. The wintry setting is very convincing due to the well placed and thought out decals, landscaping, and object placements. This map is designed asymmetrical; however, player positions are placed on the opposite corners of the map, accompanying the player positions are a wealth of strategic, critical, and relic points. The map it self is blast to play, and the visual candy as I have said before, are damn well good. A definite download.


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Download '' (8.5MB)

This download contains two maps
1st map is a standard 2vs2 4 player map 
2nd map is a 2vs2 4 player +1 SCAR controlled computer map. 

These maps are for Dark Crusade and SoulStorm. 
Maps by Ira Aduro, SCAR coding by Fuggles with some help from Argonaut.

There is a lot of cover in Dead of Winter. Use it often.  Ramps and wide, open ice flats are negative cover. Avoid getting caught on them. If you get caught on a these, pull back and lure the enemy onto it. Trees provide some cover. It’s best to use craters but any extra cover helps. The arches in front of the base areas are negative cover. You are vulnerable and exposed. Whatever you do, plan carefully as victory is a coy mistress. 

A PDF manual is included with this map. Use the tactical maps and suggestions in the manual to plot your enemy's demise.

Extract and drag the ‘DXP2’ folder into your main install directory.
There are actually two maps, ‘Dead of Winter’ and ‘Dead of Winter SE.’ The ‘SE’ stands for SCAR Edition. The ‘SE’ map will be with the 5 player maps since there is a 5th player slot for the AI who controls various units in the map. Be sure to follow the directions given in the map info otherwise the map will not work properly.

Thanks to:
Give credit to whom credit is due.

Thank you to Fuggles for making the SCAR script for the SCAR Edition of this map. You let me pick your brain when I had problems with SCAR. Thanks for your patience and help. Thank you also to Argonaut for pointing out CPU locking. That saved me many gray hairs. 

Thank you to Relic for making this map possible. The modability of DoW is the reason I’ve been playing it for these past two years. Hoping the best for DoW2 moddability. At least there will be a map editor.

Thank you RelicNews forums for giving me a place to discuss DoW and get feedback on this map.

Thank you DoW40K:Firestorm mod team for also letting me create a thread on their forum for the discussion of this map, and for the excellent mod they have made. You guys are great to work with.

Thank you to coffee. You are the fuel for my engine.

And a big thank you to my wife for letting me finish this before starting on wedding photo post-processing. :)

Thank you to the following people for their feedback and critique of this map. WIthout their comments I would not have been able to refine the map into what it is now. They were my sounding board and for that I am very grateful.

Mirage Knight
Zany Reaper

Legal stuff:
No one likes legal stuff but then again, no one likes their stuff misused. This is a map for the community. So share it with your friends. Recommend it to your enemies. Play it 5 times a day. Just don’t modify it or claim that it’s yours. Also, when sharing, please include all files that were in the original .zip. This would include the custom load screen. If you want to include this map in a mappack, be sure to notify me via the email address listed below.

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