On this map, you have an AI buddy and a deactivated baneblade which you can choose to activate at any time.

When you do bring your baneblade online the amount of resource that you have donated to your ally is converted into hitpoints for your deathtank!

If you donate nothing then it will be turned over by grots, but if you donate lots then, well there is no ceiling to the power of the deathtank! you just have to worry about being rushed whilst you have no money.



Hi and welcome to Deathtank! a map for Dark Crusade.

DeathTank! is a map set on Fuggle'on V (for the sake of fluff) at an Imperial Salvage Yard. This is the place where vehicles are either repaired or stripped down of usable parts and packed into cubes. Obviously whoever had control of this place would have control over both the usage and distribution of said usable parts, making ownership a great advantage...

As the conflict broke into the confines of the Salvage Yard, it was soon noticed that a pair of Baneblades were awaiting repairs...and so begins DeathTank!

The way this map works out is that you have 2 teams, each consisting of a player and an AI stooge (who is only there to make the game work). Both players have a tank commander and a baneblade:

Unlike an ordinary baneblade your DeathTank! only starts with a handful of hitpoints, however the more you donate to your AI stooge, the more hitpoints your DeathTank! will have as it is repaired. You are free to launch your baneblade at any time, by running the 'tank commander' into the breach in the baneblade containment area and from hereon in your DeathTank!'s hitpoints are decided. This means that you can launch your tank from the word go, or gradually squirrel/power invest in your tank as there is no cap to how powerful you can make it.

To Play:

Unpack the zip file into C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Dark CrusadeDXP2Datascenariosmp (adjust according to your install)

Load up the Deathtank! map from skirmish. You should have the game set to player set teams with players 1 and 2 on team one and 3 and 4 on team 2. You should also have positions as fixed. - ANY OTHER SETUP WILL NOT PROVIDE THE INTENDED EXPERIENCE.

To power up your Deathtank! Go to the top right of the screen and click on the 'dip' icon. From here you can donate req and power to your ally. It is these donations that will power up the Deathtank!

I REALLY love this concept and I hope you enjoy it!



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