This is a map that requires intensive cooperation from two players in order to beat one single lone poor little AI!!!!

Background: Even...


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This is a map that requires intensive cooperation from two players in order to beat one single lone poor little AI!!!!

Background: Events take part on a secessionist planet that's mainly covered with water. The "Commander Pyrhus's will" has been sent and landed with two companies onboard near a well defended beach. The task is to break through the defenses whatever the cost. However, Pyrhus never got hold of the beach and has been removed for cowardice.

Can you do better now???

Expect a fierce a defense and lots of counter-attacks. The enemy has very strong support and will make full use of it!!

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Download '' (1.92MB)

Debarq v1.0

Type: Assault of heavy position

Players: 1 or 2 against 1 AI

- >5000 dead units per game
- strategy and tactical cooperation ARE the key to success.

Mod Compatibility:
- should be okay as long as your favorite mod does not change too much the Imperial Guard


This map is a two player cooperative map against 1 single AI. The general topic is to assault a very heavily defended position.

It can be played both on LAN or Online. Skirmish (single player) is available by closing the second player (AI does not make a useful partner).

Screenshots where taken with (wonderfull) BETA WitchHunter Mod active. 

Hope you will enjoy playing as much as we did!


Installer provided: Unzip, Run Debarq_1.0.exe and follow instructions.

Use the following setting for game (don't know exact english names so these are approximations):
- quick start on : not necessary but usefull
- team lock on 
- starting position locked : starting positions must not be exchanged  
- defined teams
- High rate income : not necessary but usefull
- victory condition: annihilation


The goal is to conquer all 8 zones of the map while facing growing opposition from the AI.
Zones are delimited on the minimap with green frontiers. Capture all points within a zone to take it, the AI will then stop rebuilding the defending troops and buildings.
The AI will start launching counter-attacks if one or more points are taken in a zone. Counter attacks will stop when the control centers (the strategic point that controls the attack) is taken. Control centers positions are shown on the starting screen.

Infantry bunkers are filled with squads when finished: so don't let them being reconstructed!

The AI will not attack the players base, it will only repair/rebuild/conquer the map to restore the initial state (same players, try again!!!).

AI has unlimited resources: you will need strategy and good cooperation to get through! On Insane level, expect 1-2 hours playing and >5000 units dead!!!!


Multiplayer level selection:

In multiplayer, level is not full fully set using the standard setting when creating the game. A probe is created near the ship's ramp and Player1 has to kill it several times (select + Del key) to increase game difficulty (works up to Insane).

Informations / Questions:

If you have any questions or comments, then please post them on:

SCAR code behind the map is generic: no SCAR knowledge is required to make an assault map. Only Mission Editor is required.
If you want to make an assault map yourself, a tutorial is available here:

This map and associated scar files can be used as long as credit is given.

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