Defence of Iyanden

A decent map (I wouldn't expect less) from the miraculous Fuggles, this time creating another interesting map.

- jack051093


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A decent map (I wouldn't expect less) from the miraculous Fuggles, this time creating another interesting map.

- jack051093

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--Defence of Iyanden---
     Version 1.0
   by Fuggles

Original map by Akranadas
Original Survival code by Argonaut

This is a survival scenario which I have created and balanced purely around Eldar Vs Tyranids based on one of the most famous battles in Eldar history.

You will need the AMAZING map 'Dreaming of the Craftworld' by Akranadas found at;77849x#1200404

And also the 0.401 version of the Tyranid mod from
as it's been balanced specifically around this build.

The Survival code and concept used within this map is entirely the work of Argonaut. This is built on an older version of the SCAR code which I have monkeyed with to my evil ends. Please DO NOT use this code for a public release of any maps as it is not a true reflection of the genius of Argonauts Survival Code.

The Premise

Iyanden was an Eldar craftworld that was all but destroyed but Hive Fleet Kraken- So vast was The Great Devourer that their fleet blocked out the stars.The Eldar who lived on Inyanden suffered terrible losses, and worse still, in the darkest hour of Iyanden the Eldar Ancestors who lay in the spirit stones were put into animate wraithbone bodies so they too could fight.

Owing to the subsequent loss of not just the living, but also the dead, some say the craftworld will never recover. It was only owing to the actions of the Eldar Corsair Yriel that it even survived at all.

You can read more about this dark day at:

All the files should go into DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP
with the older Iyanden.TGA going into DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP/loading (though if you extract into MP the zip should sort that out).

Game Setup.

Thus far I have only set up the SCAR to worry about tyranids in terms of balance. 

You should set up players 1 and 2 as Team 1, both Eldar, both Iyanden.

Player 3 MUST BE AI and should be Tyranid, Kraken...of course.

Set positions to fixed, victory conditions to Annihilate, difficulty to harder and fight like you have never fought before! The fight will not be easy...


This map is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited

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