Demon Tomb

Another interesting map from Fuggles! Where does this guy get his ideas? Theyre almost as good as mine! ;)

- jack051093


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Another interesting map from Fuggles! Where does this guy get his ideas? Theyre almost as good as mine! ;)

- jack051093

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**Demon Tomb by Fuggles** DowFiles Mapping Contest Entry

Welcome to the unfinal resting place of one of Khorne's more powerful demons!

Beneath the surface of this planet a mighty demon too powerful to destroy was once imprisoned and ever since has been working, working his way to the surface like a splinter from a wound. As he inches to freedom the very land moulds around his terrible form, blood springs forth from the ground and perverse energies escaping from the soil can be converted into high yield plasma streams, making this an area of great interest. 

Indeed, so interesting is this area that the Ordo Malleus watch over it with constant vigilance. They know that spilled blood will only empower the demon and although wracked with the knowledge that only bloodshed will cause invaders to leave, realise that to allow an extended conflict with thousands of casualties will ultimately be catastrophic.

For all those that trespass this way, trust that the Grey Knights will not rest idle whilst interlopers walk the grounds above The Demon Tomb.

**Install Instruction**
Extract the DXP2 folder to your Dark Crusade folder. You should get a message saying that folder DXP2 exists already, which is good. Everything should fall into place then. Basically the mp folder in the archive goes into Dark Crusade\DXP2\Data\Scenarios\  and the 'loading' folder sits inside mp, should you want to do it by hand.

Positions must be fixed, there must be no teams and player 3 should be Space Marines I suppose, but the only change is what your men shout when they see the Grey Knights ("Greenskins!" "What? They're Grey Skins!" "You mean Tau??" "Agh!").

**Director's commentary**
This map was originally envisaged as the chaos equivalent of Titan's Fall, but lacking the necessary objects I improvised and created what I believe to be a unique looking map. Hey, it was either this or a map of a topless woman called 'Porn of War' with strategic points over her nipples...No matter what the quality, if nothing else, I aspire to have unique maps :D

A favourite idea of mine is to have a third party meddling unpredictably with the turn of events. To this end where they fall, how many and who the Grey Knights attack is all random. You might be very lucky, or you might be the opposite entirely...especially if you interrupt the Knights on the way to their target.

Be aware that the number of Grey Knights will increase as the game goes on. If you're not looking at winning before 30 minutes has gone by then you may both start to find it becomes a battle for survival against the Knights.

The GK's are SCAR coded, so this will work with any mods you might be running.

This map is 100% my work, this includes the layout, loading screens and SCAR code. Please do not distribute in anything aside from this original form without my permission.

I would also like to extend my thanks to the DoWFiles team for hosting this competition and everyone's excellent maps...Thanks DoWfiles team!



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