Desert Isle (2p)

So, we just seem to be getting a lot of maps lately. Here is one from a new mapper and he has done quite a job in my opinion. The map is pre...


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So, we just seem to be getting a lot of maps lately. Here is one from a new mapper and he has done quite a job in my opinion. The map is pretty well balanced, the decals are definitely there and make the map look very nice. He says there are some issues with the minimap, but come on, it's his first attempt. So, here it is, Enjoy!


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Map by von_Brain
All right, this is my first map, so go easy on me. 2p_Desert_Isle focuses mainly on infantry combat, as the cluttered terrain doesn't quite lend itself to deployment of armor on a large-scale. The layout itself is pretty straightforward; two opposing players on opposite corners of the map, each surrounded by three strategic points. The upper-right corner contains the relic, the bottom-left has a slag deposit and another strategic point. Lots of light cover, including the ruins, the sandbags, the pointy rocks, and the forest.

A note about the forest: yes, infantry can move through it, but only in small numbers, as each individal tree is recognized as a "no-pass zone" by the computer. As such, if you simply order infantry on one side of it to move around to the other side, their pathfinding will make them go around the forest. However, if you specifically tell them to move into the forest, they will obey. This grants them light cover, although you might have a tough time getting them to move quite as you want them to.
The water planet designated Seventeen Eight was brought under Imperial rule by the 17th Imperial Expedition in 3002190.M31, approximately ten years before the start of the Horus Heresy. Commonly referred to as "Faith" among the troops and remembrancers of the 17th Expedition, the single island on the planet's surface was often used by the followers of the then-illegal Cult of the Holy Emperor.
To install the map, just unzip all the files into THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DXP2\Data\scenarios\mp

Now you're ready to play! Enjoy.

This map may be distributed with any map pack or collection, ASSUMING THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS ARE MET:
1) I recieve the proper credit for the map itself.
2) The map is not used for any commercial purposes.

Questions or comments? I can be reached at:

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