An atmospheric, dark map with a rocky, fiery theme. The warped sky and general feel of the map makes it look well suited for playing as/against Chaos. I can imagine tough battles centered around the critical location and/or slag deposit.




This volcanic valley stands in the highlands of 
Delphis III and has been fought over for centuries. 
Many have fallen into the trap of erratic erruption 
patterns and earthquakes that cause the topography to 
change so often that no two battles have been for the 
same terrain. Any forces wishing to become powerful 
here must sacrifice the weakest of the weak. 
WARNING! This map is scar coded and will not work with any mods.

-----Map Info-------------------------------------------
2 players
8 Strategic points
2 Relics
1 Critical Location
1 Slag Deposit

Approx build time - 20 hours

-----Installation Instructions--------------------------
Just unzip the folder to
c:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DXP2

-----Additional Info------------------------------------
This map is scar coded. What the code does is related
to the map description, so I'll leave you to figure it
out on your own. I want to keep it a secret ^.^

Incarnate from Relic forums. Without him, this map wouldn't 
be half what it is. Thanks to him, this map is SCAR coded
and he'd kill me if I didnt include him here.
Thanks also to Judge_Sin who helped me out in the final 
stages of the map. I had a file gone AWOL and because I
talked to him, I found it. 
Mega thanks to them and all the guys at Relic Forums who
supported me in making this map. You guys rule.

-----Contact Me-------------------------------------------
If you wish to contact me because you want to include my map
in a map-pack or if you just want to talk about mapping,
my MSN address is:
dbrendish [at] hotmail [dot] com
To e-mail me, send your messages to this address:
marneus90 [at] gmail [dot] com

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