Here we have a 3vs5. It is the user's first map so don't go hard on him if you don't like the file. Anyone who likes defend maps should like this map and give it a try, then like specified in the readme; give feedback.




How to do it
8p_Evacuation Folder
Pretty easy , just drop contents of 8p_evacuation into 
DONT put the FOLDER IN put the FILES INSIDE the folder in.
Decal folder
Pretty easy again, just drop contents of decal into your 
darkcrusade/DXP2/Data/Art/Decal folder
DONT put the FOLDER IN put the FILES INSIDE the folder in.

u can do what u want with it , if u show it to ppl just give some credit to 
The Map:
The info
Its a 3vs 5 map
Size is 512x512
The people inside the castle have a relic each
The attackers have 2 relics on their side , so choose which one gets it
1 critical for each team, 1 in fort , 1 outside
Each player in fort have the follwing:
A SM Whirlwind trapped in sandbags
SM turrets (quite a bit)
SM mines (quite a bit too)
Player one has:
Chapel doors
Colonel Brom
Inquisitor Toth
Player ones job is to hold the main gate
Player two has:
Chapel doors , with a lil exit hole (dont worry , its surrounded by turrets 
and a deadly bridge)
Player twos job is to hold the secondry gate
Player three has:
Turrets and mines ^^
Player three's job is to hold the fall back position
Players four , five , six , seven , and eight have:
Nothing extra  ^^ cos they have numbers :P

EVERY player must have :
FUN!!! :D
The map
The Story
Ok i know this readme is dragging on ^^ just stay a bit longer

Its  basicly about a planet called Akarnis 14 thats been attacked by chaos , 
the planet was not ready , and many civilians were killed or tainted , its 
players 1 , 2 and 3's job to protect the civilians , eliminate the chaos 
threat , and save the civilians who are escaping , if you fail , many more 
civilians will die or be tainted!

If u wanna contact me and stuff , my email is:
[email protected]

One last thing , This is my first map ,if u think its nothing specila or 
your not going to download it , just dont say im not dling - thats it , say 
WHY your not , tell me how to improve , i wanna get better!

Cheers!, Newbs_r_cool

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