First Stand



Hey guys, well a 6 player map here, no complete overview, but looking at the "green" mini map, it looks like the teams are split by a river. looks to be some good battles on the bridges, but somethings bugging me... turrets through sand bags?




This map is my first (although it is now version 4 or the DC re-release) and is fairly detailed but as this is my first map don’t expect it to be all singing and dancing because it won’t.

The map is basically set on two sides of a long river with 3 crossing points (bridges) in the middle of each bridge there is a critical location.

Each player gets 5 strategic points 2 of which help defend the bridge, on each side of the river there are 2 relic points and 2 slag deposits.

I have included advantages for units that can “jump” or “teleport” so they can be used in flanking moves.

There is cover in most of the expected places.

Team play is highly recommended like 3v3. You can do free for all if you have a death wish.

An unknown enemy force has landed on Glovoda and command has decided to make the first stand at the river. Will you be able to stop the enemy force or will you overrun before your defences are up?

Changes for version 2:
Added more trees and some more buildings so less empty spaces, added some hills with textures by Adam Strange (strange textures 1 and 2).

Changes for the final version:
Made a mini-map and icon, all the rest is the same as above 

changes for the DC version:
Removed the strange textures and replaces with normal vanilla ones (for ease of use :D)
And the makers name changed same person but different name :S
mini-map and icon removed as I can not make a good one at this time ... if you know how PLS let me know and ill make them :P

Unzip all files except read me into:
THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DXP2\Data\Scenarios\MP"

There is no need to unzip the folder Screen shots you can just open it up and have a look.

Legal Stuff:
Chop it, change it, I don’t mind just include my name e.g. originally created by JCDeath or based on map by JCDeath, if you do this I am fine with it :P.

Author: JCDeath (used to be {GG} Hitman)
Build time: about 10 to 15 hours (lost track of time), version 2 updates 1 to 2 hours, final version update 3 to 4 hours (the dam mini-map took all the time).
DC version remake 5 to 6 hours (lots of fiddling around so I hope ppl appreciate the work hehe)
E-mail: jc2406AThotmailDOTcoDOTuk (Feedback\Questions\Suggestions; feel free to E-mail me).

I hope to see people playing this map online (if you are you had better find me and invite me in to the game), have fun playing :).

Yippee work can start on the next part or the story, ummm I mean map, he he he :D.

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