Forest Compound



We have ourselves a nice jungle/valleyish, fortress map. It is 4 players and appears to be quite layed out. This one looks good, and one to download

7.5 from me


p.s. sorry i havent been posting files as often... i stat exams tommorow :( ill be back very often in about half a week.



Forest Compound- This Is A 4 Player Map 512x512 Map Size

This Map Is Based In A Forest With Many Compounds Controlled By Imperial Guard 

To Play This Map Extract It To \Thq\Dawn Of War - Dark Crusade\Dxp2\Data\Scenarios\Mp
You Might Not Have To Make The Last Two Files But You Might Not 

I Think Its Quite A Good Map But It Is My Only 3rd Map And Complete Map Ive Made
It Includes
23 Strategic Points 
1 Critical Location 
1 Relic

If You Have Anything To Talk About My Map Just Contact Me At [email protected]
My Www.Dowfiles.Com Name Is Dawnofthewar 

This Map Is For Dark Crusade
(In The Pictures Here The Mini-map Is Green But Wen In Play It Is Not)

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