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This is a FULLSCALE Mod for DC

ALL the units and buildings are increased in scale to approx 3 times their normal size and are according t...


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This is a FULLSCALE Mod for DC

ALL the units and buildings are increased in scale to approx 3 times their normal size and are according to status example Sms are bigger than humans etc. The Imperial guard have been reskinned and include 4 factions. 1. Standard IG with new units 2. Mechanized Inf 3. Airborne 4. Auxiliaries

Space marines also have new "Personalized" units

New coding and abilities are in place All Races have some new units NOTE NOT new Models, But a lot of new reskins and Hybrid model types. New Gameplay includes--entrench,HoldGround,Cover to cover,bayonet charge.Heroic stance. Also new hybrid Gfx,Abilities and Vehicles that make their own troops, and dynamic AI linked to certain events that will "influence" your troops.

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Download 'final_mod.zip' (192.77MB)

Hello All

From The  Tanith and Relic Forums we welcome you

Thankyou for downloading The Battlegroup_Final Mod For DC

Please Note I mod for FUN  and a FUN game  and thats what this mod is about----Fun!

INSTALL****************************Just drop the BATTLEGROUP_FINAL folder (The one with data in)-----into your  Dawn of War_dark Crusade Directory-----------then drop in the BATTLEGROUP_FINAL  Module file into your Dawn of War _dark crusade Directory-------------------thats it Fire up and select from yout Mod manager*****************************
Note those with other mods that they would like to play alogside----read the Readme in the EXTRAS FOLDER


On selecting the IG you have 1 of 4 options---------Pure Guard, XIX Para,or Blackhorse Mech Inf, or Auxillia (Some tanith,PDF and Mercs)

If you select Guard---------------
you will have the usual IG selections plus the following:

IG regular guardsmen and Vet Guardsmen have 2 new abilities (Activated by their Sgts)
1)Tier 1---------------Entrench ::::---------Entrenched units (denoted by a cover sign above their heads) Cannot Move--------Will block Friends and enemies from moving through them---------Gain extra morale-------Invoke extra sight-----invoke Better Firepower and rapid fire----gain Cover bonuses---will continue to Fire even when in melee ----------Very effective Defence formation---------BUT Big minuses in melee-------Use the firepower to stop the rush--------It works especially  with some heavy weapon support------This ability is Toggled on or off.

2) Cover to cover----- (denoted by cover icon over Head) This ability allows the troops to advance VERY slowly from cover to cover----Gaining Bonuses in the open or cover----advance by bounds-----They gain better firepower  and better Cover pluses (Plus extra if actually in cover)--This is a very effective tactic to approach well defended positions-----But again dodgy in melee.Again this is a Toggle command
2A) The Bayonet charge----------very effective--------Game will Auto do this when certain criteria are met and you have melee stance selected
3.Move It----------some units have Double speed command--just that--Double speed

Also included in the IG only faction are:

4)Rangers---------Highly effective small units--highly motivated---can have a Crackshot and the ability to "Pin Point" an arty strike from Off Table---which is devastating. *some units have mortar strike*

5} Task force Alpha---------------special Ops troops 
6) garrison /conscript troops made in LPs-(best left there ---they give huge bonuses to the lps and give special abilities
7) Execute---is handled differently ---see below

Many data changes and addons. (too many to list for all the races)

XIX AIRBORNE-------------------------

This is for the Offensive Minded players---------has very quick/strike quick troop types-----------Air Dropped and Flown in.

Para recon avail at Tier 1 (Inf command)

Mech command provides the AIR HQ vehicle ----------this in turn provides your assets from Para Tactical units to Vets and specialists.
Also provides "Merril" who can also call on assets of his own choosing and hold them On Call.

This is a good time to mention the "Russian Doll" approach to the "asset maker".
A Faction HQ vehicle can "Call" Other vehicles  which in turn can "Call"other units and hold them or deploy them----------so you need to check ALL your vehicles and some characters to see if they have this ability For EG-------Black Horse Mobile HQ--------Has 8 call up slots---we pick Mech Inf Vets--------That produces a Mech Apc --------That mech apc is upgradable AND already contains the Mech infantry Platoon on board---you click to activate it----------The platoon is there But still on board--you can move your apc around and deploy your troops where you want------That apc can only produce THAT particular Platoon-------If the Apc or platoon are destroyed--then you Loose that asset  as i say "Russian Doll"-1 inside 1 inside another---------------It will be easy to play and understand.

    This also applies to certain characters   ie "Merril" who can hold on call Air Heavy weapons or the Strike "Shark" sentinels---and bring them in via air drop when he wants them.
   Or steiner who has the "Nostromo" sentinel with him already inside--wether you dismount him or not is up to you

NOTE:  A LOT of troops have special abilities LINKED to certain actions Like Relic Capture  or critical location capture---------so you will see things happening to your troops when you capture these points-------or dissapearing if you lose them----for EG   Rangers and Nostromo amongst others will automatically gain the Infiltration ability as long as you hold the relic --so on and so forth.

Black Horse Cavalry
 Mech recon at Inf Command
Mech Command HQ at  Mech Building
 Again Mech Command HQ has On call assets that can be deployed or held as you see fit "Russian Doll" style
Plenty of options for various mech infantry and armour support-----and a couple of "characters"
ALL the above factions can call  Pioneers-------These are specialist troops with some pretty awsome weaponry-----If used correctly--will be game winners.

There are many troop types/styles in game----best to experiment with what you like.

I have redone/added to many of the FX in the game along with a boatload of reskinning and recoding

The other races will have the "Russian Doll" approach-------chaos./Sms/eldar.

Chaos also has  the devil spawn and are very effective------also vets in Rhinos.

Orks--tweaked a little----plus the Ork Dreadnought plus nutters in the ork wagon

Sms-------Personilised squads plus "Russian Doll" units and a derivitive of Trench---------"Stand Fast" and many other "special" units (A lot of new content)

Eldar----Russian Doll unit plus Wraithguard

Necron----Different death routine

Tau--added a hero. and other changes

Known issues.
The Oldstyle guard will reduce in size when capturing points----------remember all units in this mod are LARGE

I have tweaked thuds AI to include all new units (IG will default to IG with the new units)
The sms can use new units as can other races
AUTOABILITIES for all races

I have added a derivitive of cuttershanes Autoabilities and fallback rules (So no micro management)
(Guard on entrench cannot fallback but will stand and fight)

we dont have a mod team---Just me and sunray and Mdcertainty----------a small happy little group

Thanks for your time
and i hope you enjoy the game

Installation---well simple really-----------Drop the BATTLEGROUP_FINAL Folder and Mod file into your THQ direc-----boot up--go to mod manager and select.


Further UPDATE*****************************************************************************
We have previously mentioned what is inside this mod---so i wont cover Old ground"
However i will list some of the changes that have made it into the "Final Mod"

The Army painter

This has been changed somewhat

As you know there are 4 factions for the ig

each faction has a "Uniform" Type-----------Before in the betas they were "Fixed colours"  
Now they are team colourable and Can be different within the regiment

so what you pick as primary for one unit may be secondry for another
and what you pick for trim for one unit will be Primary for another

In other words ALL the colour selections are "negotiable"(This applies to some Sm units too)

so think ahead when you are figuring what factions to use-------------the camo patterns can be very "ornate" or as simple as you like.
We have been experimenting with all kinds of colurs and all works well-------------except very very bright colours

It seems complex it is not.


This has been altered and added to using Thuds superb AI program
And i have altered it to give sometimes "Unexpected results"--this has been done deliberately.
EG;  some units will NOT behave as you expect them and not be consistant-and you will never know when!!
For example-----------You leave a High class IG unit on HOLD------No charge--------------It decides different and when certain criterea are reached----They bayonet charge the nearest enemy-with Huge bonuses and coding coming into place----They will destroy the enemy before running out of steam-------------you cannot control this----They will ignore all your orders no matter how often you press the mouse button!!!

Execution has the same kind of effect---------------No-one dies--the bullet is put passed the head---and all of a sudden the unit becomes "Heroic"  no retreat (Even though fallback rules are in place)-----They will do extraordinary feats of valour.

This is also present in many "Set coding links" that will activate as certain "Objectives or criteria are met"

This of course also applies to the enemy---------------and can happen against you!!!

ALL new troop types have ai now-------------------some a re very extreme------------appear unbalanced BUT they are not--play a few games before complaining-----and you will see what i mean.
Example--------Mkoll in the tanith Auxillia is extreme---he costs------but he is worth every point----------He can and will destroy Anything if left alone------he is well equipped and a great "Pain"  he can take a sniper shot and down a hero on a percentage chance----------he has various nasty grenades and will use them

Another example-----------the orks Gunwagon CAN contain a group of Nutters who will charge you if the vehicle is attacked or destroyed--------and decimate your forces before they run out of steam-------------or maybe the eldar heroine pops up and tears you apart-----------------BUT everything has its weakness and can be destroyed

These are but a very few of the "New Things" in the mod--------------ALL buildings in all races are upscaled

It aint Fluff people-------------------------we made it for fun-----------But it aint "unco-odiinated" either.

Also present will be 2 Ini Module files

1= basic just the Fullscale Battleground Mod

2=  a seperate in Module file that---contains Witch Hunters, Steel Legion, Demonhunters  Mods------------there are OVERRIDE folders for these Mods present if YOU have all three mods present
     ALL the mods will play with FULLSCALE units  and ALL will Have Scar and AUTOABILITIES for ALL abilities------You will see some great detail in the bigger version of these units

   PLEASE NOTE-------I HAVE NOT INTERFERED WITH THESE MODS IN ANYWAY----------------Just override folders to upscale them and ADD new scar/autoabilities-----------------------IF any Mod member  objects to any of these mods in the Ini File I will remove.
  And before anyone asks "Why aint it Combiner Mod Compat"-------------As i have said before and I say again "Combiners Mod is superb  and a great Community gift---------------Fullscale is and cant be Combiner compatible-----------it does not and wont meet the requirements------------------so i added the 'Extra" for those that would like to play Those Mods in conjuction with fullscale----------------simple as that.

Please remember this not a "hard dyed in the Wool WH40K Mod'---------------its a mod for DC---made for fun  and we had fun making it!

I would very much like to thank the Cadinq Inquisition TEAM (All of them) for allowing us use of their models and icons----------Neither This mod or tanith would have got of the ground without their permision----Its good to see them fighting over the maps again.

Medes and his Closer to Codex team plus the FoK team for their generous open attitude for the use of their models---------This has to be applauded and I really to thank them for their excellent models.which figure greatly in this mod

Mudflap for his Old style Space Marines

Geenphearo-------For his beret Marines

Cuttershane (Never Forgotton) for his Scar and original ability  work

Thud and the ai team for providing the backbone on any mod from which a skeleton can be made--------really superb AI coding  and a must for all mods (Even though i cant resist tinkering with it)

Relic for providing the game

Sunray for his constant support and help
Mdcertainty for his excellent work on the New Ig and SM Icons
If i have forgotton anyone I will immediately ammend this thread/readme

All Modders in general for inspiration and ideas.

***********************Anyone is welcome to use parts of the mod as they wish--with the usual mention (Except for Cadian Inquisition stuff--------its theirs and you will have to ask them--I just reskinned them and altered them a bit----I had permission)***********************************************************************

Also Mdcertainty for his new UI Camo bar for the IG Race-----Keeping in with the Camo Basis of the IG Race

Also Havoc1 for the Camo IG buildings that match the UI bar---in keeping with the camo Basis

Finally---------------I know this mod is a bit "Retro" i make no excuses for that------------If you Like this  then you will Like Tanith First and only  and that will be coming along very soon.

Thank you all for your Time-----have fun Playing the mod

********(PLEASE POST YOUR VIEWS on the  relic thread-)***********



This is an unofficial modification of the PC game Warhammer 40K Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and as such is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited, nor by Relic Entertainment or THQ. We cannot guarantee that this Mod will work in concert with other mods - only that it SHOULD work with a normal installation of Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. . You may use elements of this mod on the condition that permision is requested and granted by their respective authors and credit is given for their effort.

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