Gallonigher's Horror of Tzeentch

Wow, well, being bright magenta manages to make the horrors even more freaky.

Apparently a torn, tortured look is what was aimed for here...


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Wow, well, being bright magenta manages to make the horrors even more freaky.

Apparently a torn, tortured look is what was aimed for here. The fleshy details are certainly there, underneath all the pink, as can be seen by looking closely. They're not that obvious though, which is good, I guess. Even without the details, this thing still looks freaky. It's like.... it's been turned inside out. Definitely lives up to it's name.

I'm gonna move on now, because this thing makes me feel uneasy. Just bear in mind if you use it, that there may be some online issues, as Gallonigher mentions.


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--[[ README ]]

Gallonigher's Horror Re-texture (v1.0) 

"Iridescent, shifting creatures crawled up to the surface, some with long reaching fingers and torsos dominated by leering, huge-mawed faces..." - 'Grey Knights' by Ben Counter.

First of all, thanks for your interest in this most unholy skin and I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it. 

Feedback is always welcome, so let me know what you think.

The above quote captures perfectly what I was aiming for with this texture.  I wanted to create something which more closely 

resembled the twisted, seething, warp-borne abomination that is the Horror of Tzeentch (the original texture just seemed a 

little too bland for my liking).  I've tried to convey the impression that this monstrosity is constantly tearing itself 

apart and reforming anew by lending it a sort of 'warp-stricken' look.  You can see the immaterium trying to break through as the daemon stuggles to maintain its presence in the mortal realm.  To reflect this, I've added a glow map which changes the file size and will therefore cause compatibility issues in on-line games.  You have been warned!

As an additional mark of this creature's innate 'Tzeentchiness', you may find scribbled upon its skin are the constructs of a 

deranged intellect - scars revealing the geometry of insanity that emit a sickly glow of their own.

Let it be known: the Changer of Ways is upon you!


Extract '' and copy the 'Data' folder into your mod of choice and/or main game folder.

NoTE: There's a new unit icon included with this package, if you don't want to use it, just delete the icon files.  

Distribution & Usage

If you want to use this skin as a basis for your own twisted creations, then by all means please do, just be sure to credit 

me in your readme or text file.  The same applies if you want to include this skin with your mod.

Go forth and manipulate! 


Games Workshop for the ultimate fictional universe.
Relic for such an awesome interpretation of that universe and a great game in its own right.

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