God Emperor of Mankind

In short, this makes the Space Marine FC a 'God' something to battle the Bloodthirster with a little more fairness perhalps? With him come...


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In short, this makes the Space Marine FC a 'God' something to battle the Bloodthirster with a little more fairness perhalps? With him comes a nice (if not a little too bright) white glow, and some new powers (of the warp).

- Ash

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Download 'emperor_mod_phantom.rar' (3.04MB)


Thanks for downloading this mod. While I still hope someone with more skill at modeling and textures will take up the effort, I know that I was too eager for an "Emperor" mod to wait any longer. I hope everyone will remember that this is just an alpha release! I will continue to update the mod until someone more qualified publishes a substitute! If you have any suggestions, please drop me an email to let me know! (tenth8sphere AT hotmail DOT com)

I. What Mod?

Emperor of Mankind Mod

II. What's it do?

This mod alters the Space Marine's force commander and transforms him into the God Emperor of Mankind. 

III. Limitations

You can only summon one Emperor of Mankind. Though if he dies, you can summon him again. I have elected to make him cost power, under the theory that you are using the power to help transverse him to your location.

IV. Abilities

The God Emperor of Mankind (Emperor) has multiple abilites. (You should do full research and upgrade to his sword to make sure you're getting full use!)

i. When killed, there is a chance he will come back to life again with half his health
ii. A monster at close combat, he will not find his true power until you upgrade to the sword.
iii. The Emperor is quicker than other units
iv. He inspires nearby troops with his presence
v. The Emperor has a variety of 'glowy effects' on his person at all times.
vi. A wide array of warp-powered abilities. His psionic storm is capable of wiping out everything on the screen - be careful!!!
vii. The Emperor can activate 'Word of the Emperor' at anytime. This effect is NO LONGER TIMED - rather, you can toggle it on and off at your will! It will affect only the Emperor, surrounding his head in an orb of light. While on, he will be unkillable.
viii. His mass has been increased so normal explosions and tank rounds will not send him flying. He can stand his ground against any foe.

V. Problems

This is an alpha version! Right now, one of his power icons (the toggle for word of the emperor) does not appear. The power is present and works, but will look like a purple square or empty slot, depending on how your computer displays it. Additionally, I intend to have him fully equipped in the golden armor from campaign mode, but have no done so yet - so he looks like the force commander still. So far, no teleport, but I'm working on it.

Many abilities retain their old names - it's being worked on though. 

The unit is a twink, but that's really how the Emperor should be.

VI. Notes

I love to use the emperor with the "movie marines" mod. I highly suggest it! The emperor should be fully compatable, just copy the emperor files into the movie marines mod folder and overwrite the existing ones.

This file is for fun, use, and enjoyment. Please credit me, send me suggestions, and encourage more talented modders to take up the task! Nothing in these files is to be sold for any amount for any reason. 

VII. Installation

Copy the folder and files into your Dark Crusade directory. From there, when you boot you should see 'Game Manager' and be able to select it. 

I have no idea if this will work in WA or DOW. Regardless, no liability can be attached for use of these files, use at your own rist!

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