Good And Dead



Well, as far as map terrain goes, this is pretty basic, though it does have some nice effects. Some of which almost come across as combined Chaos / Necron stuff. Looks pretty cool.

- Ash



Good And Dead By Jazzeh.

Hey, thanks for taking a look at this map.

Players: 6
Relics: 1
CL's: 0
Sp's: Forgot to count, about 4 each plus some behind the trenches and in no-mans-land.
slag deposits: 6

Description: This is a 6 player map for Dawn of War Dark Crusade based on 2 strongholds.
	     One's a Necron cave with walls and a ramp leading up to it, and the other is a
	     Tau landing bay like area also with a ramp leading up to it.
	     In front of the 2 strongholds are trenches with barbed wire and sandbags, all
	     with heavy cover etc.

Installation: Extract the files to
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War Dark Crusade/W40k/Data/Scenarios/MP.
Create any of the files if they're not there.

If this doesn't work, put it in:
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP.

This map looks the best and most atmospheric with 3 tau players in positions 1,2,3+3 necron
players in positions 4,5,6.

This map has been tested and even a squiggoth can fit down the ramp, so all other relic
units should be able to(not sure about baneblade).

Only bug/problem is the minimap, but it still looks good being all green, kinda gives it
more of a necron feel.

Contructive criticism is much appreciated, also is any comments.

If any other bugs/glitches are found, please email me at jaz_chasty28[AT]hotmail[DOT]com

Permission is granted to edit this map for your personal use, if you wish to use it in a
map pack/mod or whatever, please notify me first.

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