Hard Guard Mod

This in brief makes the Imperial Guard better. Going from what has been said, more in the defensive area than anywhere else.



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This in brief makes the Imperial Guard better. Going from what has been said, more in the defensive area than anywhere else.


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By: Hellocookie

Date Completed: December 7th 2006

Well you extract the files to your Dawn of War Dark Crusade main folder and then activeate it in your mod manager.

Well this mod makes the Guard much more tailored to deffensive play or turtling. Turrets do much more damage and almost every IG building has much more health. You should notice that guard squads are really pathetic and the best unit besides the vehicals you have now is an Ogryn squad. Let me say that it may take some time to get used to but once you get the hang of it you should have a really hard to attack (and survive the attack) base.


NOTE- only the IG have been altered in this mod.

Buildings have far more health
Mine feilds are much more effective
Turrets do more damage
Listening posts do more damage
Dectection has been added to most units/buildings
Research on almost everything is longer
Build times are longer and more expensive
IG squads are mega nerfed
Kasrkin are good but still nerfed
Ogryn are buffed a lot
Commissar is buildable in the infantry command
Psyker has limit of 5
Everyleader and unit execpt the heavy weapons teams, command squad, and vehicals has much lower health and sometimes armour!
Research has been renamed (for fun :)
Units take up differnt caps now
Range on some buildings/units is increased
Know Glitches
Well once I was testing this and I had windows media player on at the same time and my game got going really really really really fast. Other than that, there are no glitches I know of. :"-)
-----------------   -----------------  -------------------

Now this mod is a LOT more fun if you play it in combinationi with the Dawn of Skirmish mod and the Heros mod. I can't include them in my file because its not my property. If you want to use these you can download them and put their files in my mod file so you can play my mod with the other mods at the same time. You don't have to do this but it makes this mod ( or anyother mod or just the plain game) about 85% better!
Thanks to
Dawn of Skirmish Team (for the mod they made)
Cuttershane (for the mod he made)
This is my property...blah blah blah....don't redistribute it or rip off of it....blah blah blah

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