Hill 93

A nice map from Lanf here. Recommend a download! Enjoy ~Gaffer


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A nice map from Lanf here. Recommend a download! Enjoy ~Gaffer

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Righty-ho lets make this brief. 8 player map. By Lanf. Contact lukelanfear{AT}hotmail{DOT}co{DOT}uk.
Description: Set on 3 tiered hill(similar to the prequel, hill 86). This time, alterations for balance. Team 1 bases spread further apart, Team 2 bases are less open as well as less vunerable. Less defence for team 1, just 8 slit trenches (Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts inspired) and assorted defences immidiately off the hill. Map is, lets say 'more detailed' than its predecessor, and again, generally with less open ground.
Stats(Hardcore statistics for Hardcore for hardcore wordy description skippers)
PLayers: 8
Size: 512*512
Teams: 4v4 (1-4 team 1, 5-8 team 2)
Strategic Points: 24
Critical locations: 4
Relics: 5
Quite inspired by other games: Yes
Use of objects: Yes
Trees: Plenty
Grass: Enough for several herds of cows for a lifetime
Dead dudes on fire: Yes
Weather effects: Rain
Actual cows: No
Time taken to create: Who knows
Water: A fair bit
Can steal and claim for self:No
Credits: Me(for making entirely) and anyone else who wants credits
Me tired: Yes
Me go now: Yes
End of readme: Yes

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