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Right, This time, the file to download is the actual file, so it's all nice and simple for all you people who can't read, like last time :)....


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Right, This time, the file to download is the actual file, so it's all nice and simple for all you people who can't read, like last time :). This trailer looks nice, and so does the mod, hope it comes out soon! NOTE: You WILL need the correct codec to view the trailer. I have not been informed as to which codec it is, but I'm sure Compiler will be able to post it in the comments.


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Download 'idh_trailer.avi' (112B)

Inquisition : Daemonhunt
Mod trailer

This file is an avi trailer presenting the forthcoming - Inquisition : Daemonhunt - mod.

Check you have the right codec installed (see below)
Unzip the file

The Inquisition : Daemonhunt mod is a mod for DAWN OF WAR - DARK CRUSADE.
DAWN OF WAR - DARK CRUSADE is a RTS game by Relic, edited by THQ, set in the universe of WARHAMMER 40 000, by Games Workshop.
This mod aims at adding a new race to the existing seven, the Daemon Hunters of the Inquisition's Ordo Malleus.
These brave men and women fight the daemonic hordes of Chaos that threaten to corrupt and enslave all of humankind.
Their leader is the Inquisitor, who can requisition any force needed by his supremely important mission.
He can call many a specialist troop. He can also call on the mighty Grey Knights, a very special and secret chapter of the Space Marines.

The mod will require the Dark Crusade extension to be played, and should have its first release, if everything goes well, for spring 2007.

This trailer was made by Claymore nearly entirely, including the music, with a help from Mr Heiney as the narrator.
May our gratitude be wholeheartedly expressed here for his fantastic work.

Filesize: 61.2 MB
Length: 2:42 min
Videocodec: Xvid
Audiocodec: mp3
Resolution: 1024*576
Aspect ratio: 16:9

You only have the right to play this trailer.
You don't have the right to duplicate, use, redistribute it, in whole or in part, in any other way, shape or form, without the written consentment of the Team's mod leader. If you are granted the right to use it, you must conform strictly to the use permitted, and must give credit.
You don't have the right to call this trailer your own, in whole or in part, in any circumstances.
You must acknowledge that you can be subject to legal action should you not respect the above rules. This legal action can take the form, but is not limited to, financial compensation.

The complete team :
The map on which the trailer was shot is called Dreadsbed and was done by Etherdragn.
Many thanks to Relic for giving us the tools necessary to make this mod.

Forum :
Contact team leader : spacedragons(at)free(dot)fr

Legal Disclaimer :
This mod is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.
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No challenge intended to the copyrights of to Relic, THQ or any other copyright holder to the original Dawn of War game and/or its extensions.

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