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Here is an updated version of Into The Breaches. If you liked th...


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Here is an updated version of Into The Breaches. If you liked the first one, give this one a try too!

This is an edit of the original into the breach so that 8 players can play. The map features two breaches and it was made specifically for teams of 4 to play - or 4 players vs 4 A.I players.

This is my first map and I took some time to make sure it feels polished, for example a completed minimap and map description etc...

This is the second and final release Ill be doing of this map, I fixed some minor glitches such as sandbags being owned by team 8, floating debris and I also cut down on usage of decals which means it'll run well for mass invasion style games for mods that remove pop-caps.

Onto the fluff...

Upon many an invasion the Imperial Commisars have yelled "Into the breaches you dogs! To victory!" The most notable of these was Commisar Page-Worths execution of Militant Governor Alexander Ross for cowardice. As the governors lines where over-run Page-Worth shot the cowardly governor on charges of cowardice.

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This map is free for all to edit, modify and distribute should you desire. I would like it if my name is mentioned in any modified uploads but I really dont care that much so go ahead and do what you want with it.

This map is good for online play and lan parties imho. Anyway I hope people enjoy it =)

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