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If memory serves correctly, I remember initially thinking that the Avatar of Khaine was too much fire, not enough armor. Fire golems by defi...


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If memory serves correctly, I remember initially thinking that the Avatar of Khaine was too much fire, not enough armor. Fire golems by definition tend to flare up like wildfires, and given how much armor this particular specimen is encased in, I'm surprised the flames are as controlled as they appear to be.

But anyway, this reskin takes a whole different approach to said Avatar. Fire is still a prevalent theme, but it's more heavily armored and textured in a theme that is rather comparable to ancient Asian mythos. Whereas the vanilla Avatar is dark and moody, this version appears more like a knight of sorts, as you'd expect from a "good" god (if you can even label anyone in the WH40k universe as the "good guys"). Few things have been left alone - the readme sums it all up pretty well.

Personally, I think it's a vast improvement, and the shaders really improve the skin over what it would have been had it just been a simple retexture. As I've said many times on JediKnightFiles, the shader doesn't make the skin... but it sure as hell doesn't hurt, either. It's very rare I actually see glow shaders used effectively on specific parts of a model; it's not exactly an easy task, although I suppose that really depends on the tools you use. The last file I got my mitts on where the glow shader was a blessing rather than a curse (in my eyes, anyway), was Scerendo's Shadow Trooper for Jedi Knight 3, back in '06.

But that's enough rambling, and I think I've gone on far too long about nostalgic crap which isn't all that relevant.

One last opinion I would like to express. I like swords. But I really like this guy's sword.

In my book, this one's a keeper. But, like it or loathe it, one thing is for sure. It's a quality skin.

~ Kouen

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Download '' (936KB)

What was going to be a short project to keep me busy over Christmas break turned into a month-long 'from-scratch' texturing. Everything except for the chest symbol, hair, and soul stones are completely new. For the face I decided to take a different than normal tact. Looking at the Gamesworkshop and ForgeWorld models it seemed the face wasn't molten. So, to keep the body of the Avatar entirely made of iron and molten iron, I gave the Avatar a cermonial 'war mask.' The hair and loin clothe are team colorable.  Also, this model comes with a glow map for the molten body and specularity for the gold on the armor. I hope you enjoy this texture as much as I enjoyed making it! 

Extract '' and copy the 'Data' folder into your mod of choice, and/or main game folder.

*NOTE* A new icon for the Avatar is also included.

You can copy and share this to your heart's content. If you use it in a mod please be sure to give me a nod in your readme. It should go without saying that you shouldn't claim you made it. 'Cause you didn't. ;)

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