Jungle Assault



This is a nice 8 player Jungle themed map, by LtUseless. It's the first map he's made in a while, so be respectful! Looks like quiet a nice map though, so I won't expect to see any criticism, only support.

- Guzzy



This is the first map ive made in a while, its based on a jungle theme with other slightly random aspects to it.

- Note: you MAY need the "strangetextures" decal pack (created by adamstrange) to view some decals correctly

To install simple copy and paste the files Jungle_assault.sbg, Jungle_assault.tga, Jungle_assault__icon.tga and Jungle_assault_mm.tga into your DXP2 directory in your Dawn of War Dark Crusade file:

e.g mine would be: C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DXP2\Data\Scenarios\MP

It should then (hopefully) work.

Legal: Please do not copy this map, you can edit it to your own accord jsut so long it doesnt resemble my map too much.

Contact me on [email protected]

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