Jungle Of Secretts

This map is a 3 player map, so those of use who have problems with the map editor in the FoK mod can play it. P1 starts in a mostly...


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This map is a 3 player map, so those of use who have problems with the map editor in the FoK mod can play it. P1 starts in a mostly empty forest, this is mostly empty, next is the abadoned Imperial Colony, just across he river from p1. Then p3 sits in the middle of a forest, which is the center of the Eldar control, each strategic point is strategic because they have webway gates next to them (these are nonfunctinal, you can't destroy them). The map is also a strategtic one, in the center there is a unisone of 4 websails, not much is known on what it could do, but it is rumoured to be able to fit an entire army of Eldar through it, it is the relic of the map. There are 2 openings to it, one is shared between p3 and p1, while the other is shared by p2 and p3. Not to mention it is also a night fight map

it has a small city designed to be a vacation destination, mainly because the Imperials thought this was a beutifal empty world where it can't be attacked, but they diden't know, so they made a colony with not much firepower. Now this was foolish, the Eldar had hidden websails, this was left over from the time when the Eldar were the supreme power in the universe, these are next to impossible to detect, so eventually conflicts arose and endless Imperial forces sent to protect the jewel of the system, now its system is near Terra, so the best the Imperials could throw at it eventually settled the conflict by negotations, now the Imperuim and the Eldar are seeking it again, combat will arise once again.

If you have any concerns or problems, this is my 3rd map, I am getting used to this, email me if you have any complaints

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Just install it to your Darkcrusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP

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