The users first map; so play nicely. - Abbadon


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The users first map; so play nicely. - Abbadon

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Download 'jungle_walls_map_4player.zip' (4.71MB)

Little abot this map:i like this map coz its sorta like orks,chaos,space marines and imperial guard stranded on a dessolant land,the marines and the guard have set a place on the island what they call home it has a gigantik wall to protect from chaos and orks but the orks and chaos have not even begun to clean up, their side is still filled whid anchient debris ,unknown by the orks and chaos.the space marines and imperials camp is only acsessed by the small bridge that leads between the 2 walls of rock, the imperials and marines camp gets more rain so theyr side is more of a jungle than the other ,the orks and chaos dont get that nutch rain do to the gigant wall that bloks the clowds from reatching them, so the map is mearly chaos and orks vs imperial guard and space marines:D

to install:copy the folder to:C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Dark CrusadeDXP2Datascenariosmp

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