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Kydno Mod is a basic mod that perhaps is a bit unbalanced, but damn fun. The author mainly tweaked the IG and Necrons. The Necrons now have...


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Kydno Mod is a basic mod that perhaps is a bit unbalanced, but damn fun. The author mainly tweaked the IG and Necrons. The Necrons now have a new way of approaching the battlefield. If you spawn one unit, that unit can create an entire basically you have your own little regiments. As for the Imperial Gaurd, the author took his own idea from the "Dawn of Suck" mod (Which he is also known as DDman465) and kind of gave it a little kick in this one. The author uses Corsix Mod Studio at the moment, and asks if anyone knows of another modding program please tell me.

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Kydno Mod 0.5


For now, Im going to consider this a mini mod, because of it's size.

This is my 3rd mod release...but 1st for THIS mod, all content is created by me. Im currently halfway through completion, but I need some hints n tips on what I should make next. Right now Im only using Corsix Mod Studio, because the regular DoW DC Mod Tools 1.2 just takes so long to load in between testing and making. Im still getting used to corsix, as it has some things that DoW Mod Tools didnt have...and vice versa. This mod is somewhat between balanced and unbalanced, although I did consider what would be best.

So I guess for right now, enjoy a taste of whats to come...

Installation: Simply put the 2 files (Kydno and Kydno.module) in the default DoW Dark Crusade folder

C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/(Put here)

*Sorry, I dont know how to create a self installer



-Basilisk changed to "Devastator"
-Devastator fires projectiles at a rapid rate
-Devastator damage reduced
-Baneblade fires nuke shots (Familiar? Well the art doesn't show it...but the results after the shot do)
-Baneblade weapons configured to bring a little balance on the battlefield
-Kasrkin soilder now a Guardsmen sergent

-Only one necron warrior spawns, but has the potential total of adding 30
-Starting resources in a normal game increased a bit
-Necron warrior health reduced just a bit

-9 Total Firewarrior to a squad (O gee wiz...not again...)
-2 Total Crisis Suit to a squad
-2 Total Broadside Battlesuit to a squad

***Space Marines***
-Grey Knights squad max increase to 9

**Im sure there are other small tweaks, but they aren't really noticeable.


Well thats basically it. Now as I may have said, this is just a beta. I plan to add alot more in depth gameplay like I did with the necrons. Im always open to hear ideas. Just email me at:

********Ask me before using this mod for your own.************

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