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A collection of maps here (and some pretty nice looking ones too). the pack contains 9 individual maps, all different, though all appear to...


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A collection of maps here (and some pretty nice looking ones too). the pack contains 9 individual maps, all different, though all appear to be symetrical in origin.

These are sure to make some entertaining games for those that download and play them ;)

- Ash

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Liquid Azrael's Mappack
Created for my LAN Parties and my first public release of 
any map.  Constructive criticism is welcome, if you just want
to whine, don't bother please.  One thing that I'd been 
lacking is using cover, I know that, any future maps will
incorporate it better than these. We enjoyed longer battles, 
so anticipate longer games.  All maps were created with 
Annhilation gameplay in mind, I'm not sure how the maps will
play on other settings.  I appologize for the lack of in-game
screenshots, that is due to pure lazyness.

Thank's to all in the Relic Forums who created tutorials 
that enabled me to make these maps, custom mini maps and icons. 

10 - 8 player maps
512x512 to 1024x1024
41 files, 6 images

Blood Gulch 8p [3v5]
DOW conversion of the popular Halo map, instead of teleporters
in the middle; lies 4 relics. 1024x512, WA and DC

Blood Stained Despair 8p
4 on 4 WWII style trench warfare.  Teams are battling for the
surrounding Titan pieces. 512x512 WA and DC

Death Blossom 8p [3v5]
City setting 3 players in the city center, surrounded by 5 players
in the surrounding buildings.  512x512 WA and DC.

Paradise Lost 8p
DOW conversion of the Onslaught map Island Hop for UT2K4.
There are 3 ways in/out of each base area, they are marked
with poles at each entrance.  I didn't use raised ground 
inorder to keep the visual style like the original UT2K4
map, play as 4 on 4, 512x512, WA and DC.

Dragonwings 8p
4 on 4 desert oasis theme map.  Jump troops have advantages. 
512x512, DC ONLY.

Podlife 8p
Necron cave system layed out in pods.  4 on 4 play. 512x512, 

Podlife II 8p
Tau desert/jungle theme, second in series.  Play as 4v4 or
2v2v2v2.  512x512, DC ONLY

Podlife III 8p
Final map in series.  Snow theme around tau core.  
Works great for scrimish play on low end systems. Play as
4v4 or 2v2v2v2. 1024x1024, DC ONLY.

Crimson Tower 8p
Pyramid with each quarter being held by a different group.
Search the water for 'hidden' jump spots. Play as 4v4, 
2v2v2v2 possible but anticipate longer battles.  
512x512, DC ONLY.

Pacman 40K 8p
A 40K tribute to a legendary arcade game.  Based around the
first level from the original arcade game Pacman.  Play
as 4v4. 512x512, DC ONLY.

Dark Crusade:
Unrar and place all files into the following folder:
C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DXP2\Data\Scenarios\MP

Winter Assault:
Place Paradise Lost, Death Blossom, Blood Stained Despair and
Blood Gulch files into the following directory:
C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\WXP\Data\Scenarios\MP

if you do not have some of the folders listed, create them.

Legal and Contact Info
Do not copy or modify any of the following maps
without consent from myself.  Please give proper credit if 
any map is used.

Liquid Azrael

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