Lake Acrimony

A nice four-player map here, in the snow, and in what appears to be a fortress, just, you've got the mote in the middle rather than the out...


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A nice four-player map here, in the snow, and in what appears to be a fortress, just, you've got the mote in the middle rather than the outside, but still it does look like a pretty good map. It also comes in a handy self-installer, so all the work is done for you. All you've got to do is load up DC and play the game.

- Ash

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Lake Acrimony--DC Release (4p)
A Skirmish/Multiplayer Map for WH40k:  Dawn of War--Dark Crusade
by Vol_907

Originally created 22. July 2006 for Winter Assault
Re-released 15. January 2007 for Dark Crusade

Players:  4
Map Size:  512x512
Terrain Type:  Urban, Winter


	"If we're not soaking, we're roasting," complained Corporal Joel Keller.  "One place, there's equipment failures from moisture, while others..." he knocked the palm of his hand against the side of his Lasgun, "...dust."
	He set the weapon down and joined the others seated around the chow pot.  "Wouldn't it be nice if we could fight somewhere...I don't know, more accommodating, like some resort town in need of defense?  Once, just once?"
	Sergeant Theodor Koch and Corporal Sigurd Neyland looked at each other, grinned, and shook their head.  "You're a transferee, right?" asked Koch.
	Unsure what the question had to do with what he was talking about, Keller answered cautiously, "Yeah...from the 51st Catachan."
	"How long ago?"
	"About a year."
	Koch and Neyland looked at each other again, and snickered.
	"What?" asked Keller, looking at the two veterans.
	"Been there, done that," answered Neyland.  "Sorry you missed it."
	Koch nodded.  "Corporal, sit back and enjoy a little history lesson.  This unit has its roots in the 704th Freigaard Dragoons.  When Freigaard came under attack by an alliance between Orks and Traitors, the High Command formed the 907th to take a more mobile role, thinking Helvetia's defense would be better served by taking the fight to the enemy.
	"Our first assignment was to intercept a mass of Ork and Traitor forces coming down a pass in the Alyeskan highlands."
	Keller interrupted, "What does that have to do with..."
	Koch raised a hand.  "I'm getting there.  Now, a major chokepoint in that pass was what used to be a lakeside resort.  I forget the name of it..."
	Neyland shrugged, "Lake Serenity or something like that.  Used to be a favorite spot for the Imperial clergy and brass on furlough.  Great place to go hunting, I understand."
	"Whatever the case," continued Koch, "So much heavy fighting happened around that lake, we nicknamed it 'Lake Acrimony.'"
	"Webley called it that after a particularly nasty battle," added Neyland, referring to Keller's former sergeant, fallen at the battle of St. Huldrych Causeway.  "It caught on."
	"I remember it well," confirmed Koch.  "Contingent of Orks and Traitors came down the main bridge in this massive wave of green and blood-red.  We were concerned about them exploiting our back door while we were busy with this huge force, so we had Tech Priests reinforce the backdoor with a few extra turrets, and kept the Chimeras and Lemans close by to divert them for threats coming that way."
	"Turns out the extra worry wasn't necessary.  The enemy commanders were only interested in taking the direct route.  We never even got harassed around the back ramp.
	"Instead, the Marines--Freigaard's own Angels Belligerent, took the backdoor approach, sending their forces en masse.  They met little resistance.  Turns out the Orks who had infested the former admin center were too eager to send troops down the main bridge to worry about a base guard.  The Angels wrecked most of their facilities before they could react."
	"But, it left us with the main force to contend with while they were making their way through the edge of the lake," added Neyland.  "They sent two waves of infantry and light armor to probe us.  We lost a squad in that rush, but pushed them back.  There's much to be said about Chimeras armed with autocannons." 
	Koch continued.  "Indeed, and once command got word that the Orks were falling back to respond to the backdoor threat, we sent our Lemans down the bridge to exploit the situation.  We were met by Heretic armor--those creepy walkers and old-style Predators, but the Lemans and Chimeras wrecked everything they met.  Before long, the bridge was in our control, and we started bombarding what was left of the Ork base from the main road.  Then we turned our guns on the Heretics."    
	"They could have had us that day if they had adopted similar tactics.  Seems the Emperor had a favorable eye on the 907th.
	"So there you have it.  We've fought at, how did you put it, 'a more accommodating' environment.  But bolters still tear, cannons still demolish, lasguns still sear, whether it's a hot dustball, a soggy bridge, or a snowy vacation spot."

Run the installer, making sure it installs in the proper directory (usually C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade).

Special thanks to the willing souls at Relicforums for playtesting the original map, especially Kronos, who showed an especial enthusiasm for the map.  Thanks also to fellow Steel Legion beta tester Epicenter, whose suggestions fine-tuned the map you now have.  The street decals are the work of Rayden, the author of "Gates of Ultramar."

Feel free to use the map concept for your own work.  Feel free to adopt the badges, banners, and color schemes for your own purposes.  If you play a particularly good multiplayer or skirmish session with this map, feel free to email the replay to me (or have it hosted somewhere, and let me know the link).

This map was created using the Dawn of War mission editor, and GIMP 2.2.  Build time, roughly 24 hours.

Questions and comments can be posted at the Dawn of War maproom on the Relic forums, or by emailing me at [email protected]

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