Lights of the Warp

A patch for the LotW Modification. A French ReadMe is also included with this. - I'd suggest a Download if you've got the rest.


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A patch for the LotW Modification. A French ReadMe is also included with this. - I'd suggest a Download if you've got the rest.

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Download '' (3.66MB)

Lights of the Warp v1.3.7
Mod created by Magnor.
All commercial use of this stuff is strictly prohibited.
Contact: [email protected] 

- Dawn of War Dark Crusade v1.0.0 (1.1.1 should be working thought)
- Lights of the Warp v1.2.1 (available here: )
- Lights of the Warp v1.3.5 (;74383)

Installer: French only
Ingame: French and English (other regions will use default english) 

Let the installer show you the way... 
Launch the mod from desktop shortcup or game manager

This mod add many new units and new game options to Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.

Versions so far...
- Added a campaign mode allowing you to play the Dark Crusade Campaign along with the Lights of the Warp mod.
Just activate "Lights of the Warp CMP" mod in your Game manager.

/!\ Reseted Readme for clarity reasons. /!\


. Imperial Guard:
- Conscript Platoon
- Inquisitor and Retinue
- Servo-Skulls Squadron
- High Commabd
- Platoon Command Squad (include new Lieutnant model by Havoc)
_ Leman Russ Vanquisher, Exterminator, Conqueror, Demolisher + upgrades to standard Leman Russ*
- Anti-Aircraft Tanks Hydra (model by Zany Reaper & Havoc)
- Aerial Command (deep striking Valkyrie animations by Closer to Codex Models Team)
- Allied Grey Knights
- Commissars: . Execution extended to more troops and officers
              . New abilitie: "It is for your own Good"
              . Limit 5.
- New upgrades for Guardsmen and Kasrkins*

. Space Marines
- Randomized Marines*
- Command Squad
- New Rhino* 
- Land Speeder Squadron
- Inquisitor and Retinue
- Vindicare Assassin
- Missile Vortex Bombardment
- Chaplain attachable.
- Venerable Dreadnought*

- Randomized Marines*
- Havocs*
- Icon Bearer*
- Heretic Librarian
- Rogue Psyker
- Chaos Terminators*
- Mark System not fully implemented: this version will only allow you to choose Chaos Undivided.
- Berzerker Champion*

. Eldars
- Dire Avengers*
- Harlequin Triad

.Tau Empire
- Vespids limited to 3
- Shrines of Mont'Ka and Kauyon are no longer exclusives.

.All Races:
- Squad and Vehicle cap increased to 200 (300 for Ork Squad Cap).
- Includes improved version of TheClone's Wargear Mod.
- Whole suppression of squad limits. 

- Playable online (checked)
- Includes "DC Game Manager Enable" de Corsix (files: AAAAAAAAAAAA.module et WXPmod_DC.dll )
- Army Painter extended for SM, CSM and Guard.
- Loading musics have been changed.

Knows Bugs
- Orks AI seems to be crippled. This problem is actually not solved but in way to be.
- No capture_idle anim on the Guard Lieutnant Model
- Some icons problems: icon switching, icon disappearing or pink icons. Will be solved soon.
- Some FX bugs.
- The cost of some upgrades isn't correct. Nothing really important. Will be totallyy fixed in the next release.
- A weird colour bleed issue on Space Marines skins.

- "Closer to Codex Models" team for all "*" models. Check their work on:
- Havoc for Guard Lieutnant Model.
- Zany Reaper and Havoc for Hydra Flak Tank model.
- Corsix pour son correctif au Gestionnaire de Jeu.
- TheClone for his Wargear Mod.
- Beta Test team: Basik, Stargorger, Akeris, Master Gabriel and Skarsnik.   
- Ben from for some chaos icons.

More infos...

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