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This map pack contains 2 maps:

Tau Arena In an unknown desert, there is a small Tau fortress. This is no ordinary fortress howeve...


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This map pack contains 2 maps:

Tau Arena In an unknown desert, there is a small Tau fortress. This is no ordinary fortress however, this is the Stray-away Arena, also known as Kat'se. This is where entire Tau forces are sent when it is found hey have strayed from the greater good. They are forced to fight dozens of Kroot Warriors for their freedom. Only after they have proven they are worth keeping, and have renounced themselves, can they return to the ranks of their brothers, but not without downcast eyes upon them.

Players-2 SP's-8 Relics-1 SD-2 Best Played with-Boht players as Tau, but Player 1 uses mainly (or exclusively) Kroot units, and Player 2 mostly (or exclusively) Tau units. Set to Annihilate

Crypt On a moon in the Fenris system, a disturbance was discovered when Imperial radar could not penetrate the planets atmosphere. A small detachment of Space Wolves, who call Fenris home, were dispatched to investigate. However, communication was quickly lost, and the team has not been heard from in a Fenrisian week. The Space have prepared a force to recover the missing troops, or their Gene-Seeds. However they are not the only Chapter on the case. The rumor of possible Necron activity near Fenris delighted Interrogater-Chaplain Viktor of the Dark Angels. Any chance to humiliate their ancient rivals, the Space Wolves, would be taken. Dawning their Deep Green robes, a full force of Dark Angels was dispatched to the moon. The discovery was shocking. A huge force of Necrons, fighting a rather punative force of Eldar. Deciding that fighting with the Eldar would prove smarter than fighting two battles, the Interrogator Chaplain made contact with the Farseer leading the Eldar forces. The Farseer stated that some guardians had already planted a bomb in the crypt, but had been torn apart before detonating it. The Interrogator was amazed. He had also planted a nuke and lost his troops before detonation. Now the two forces must fight together to secure at least one of the Nukes and manually detonate one. Failure was not an option.

Players-4 SP's-18 Relics-1 CLs-2 SDs-2

Best Played- Players 1 and 2 on the same team, player 1 as the Dark Angels, and Player 2 as the Saim-Hann. Players 3 and 4 will both be necrons. The game rules should be set to Take and Hold and Annihalate.

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Download 'lord_wugz_maps.zip' (1.07MB)


WugZ Map Pack  by Lord Wugz (Imperious Purgenicate)

This map pack contains two maps, Tau Arena, which is a small 2 player map, and Crypt, a 4 Player Map.


Extract the MP folder to Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War-Dark Crusade/W40k/Data/Scenarios


Feel free to use my maps in any mod or map pack, just mack sure you give credit where credit is due.

Feel free to send me a message over dawnofwar.filefront.com with thoughts and suggestions.

Also feel free to plug these maps into yyour own mission editor and build off them.

These are my first two maps and thus I am open for suggestions and improvements. Don't be afraid to say the maps are crap.

There are no mini maps because i do not have Photoshp to resize the images with, if you want to send me a minimap iage i would be glad to accept it and put it in.
Email it to me at basskay@mail.com.
Possible lag in areas of high body concentration.

Also I may have missed some areas with the Impassible brush, so message me if you see people walking through Walls or Structures.

My buddy Vyper for his support and showing me how to compress these files.

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