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Three maps.. all in same city but different starting positions, armies and no armies.. theres no screenshots because I just dont know how to use photoshops etc.. there opportunity to get your name to credits for someone who knows how to do screenshots, minimap and icon.. big file, may lag when playing in "frontline" but if that doesnt bother your war, hopefully youll enjoy this

- Ash



The Imperial Fleet and it Imperial Army, called Obergrenadiers, found new planet and landed in there.
They found out that they were not the only ones in planet.
There were already humanity and inhabits were most pleased to find out that theres more humanity in space.
Imperials started immediatly teach to them Imperial technology, Imperial knowledge of xenos
and turn their faith towards Allmighty Emperor.
Inhabits of Traelum (name of planet) were easy to turn because they
had couple of years ago Third Great War which almost destroyed whole planet.
Planet was rebuild, new technology helped civilization to fight against diseases and creatures of rainforest which covered 25% of the planets surface
Traelum became Imperial Infantry and Fleet Dock.

Couple of years later, Chaos found out this planet too by using tainted rogue psycher,
they launched massive invasion against planet and trapped 8th Obergrenadiers Regiment who are guarding that planet.
Sirens became shout their warcry, citizens took their old bullet rifles, soldiers marched together side by side, even grandfathers and -mothers took theyre shotguns.
The Chaos Lord Curiel knew that if this city falls in his hands so will whole planet.
Imperial General of Obergrenadiers Erwin Rommel knew this city's critical location for the planet's future destiny too.

But not even Imperials or Chaos forces knew that there were incoming from the forests even more serious troubles as there rose up two different races..
One were said loud noice when they walk, like metallic.. and the other one.. were as big as space marine, but alot of uglier.. and green one..

Made By Tragul

Contains Three Maps, One Defending, One Siege and One No Armies
if you want only ONE map for example Battle of City 7, go in Battle of City 7 folder, cut every file in there and paste them in C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War/WXP/Data/Scenarios/MP
Also dont know why but CPU's are someway really dumasses so dont expect perfect against cpu fight.. try at harder or insane level

Designed to 3vs3, Annihilate, in Hold The City 7 pl1 is IG, pl2 SM, pl3 IG and 4-6 Chaos,in Destroy The City 7 pl1-3 are Chaos, pl4 IG, pl5 SM and pl6 IG
Fixed positions..
if you wont use fixed positions... those premaid armys gonna slaughter your base :p so use it.. really
Imperials have high ground advantage, defensive advantage (already made turrets, listening posts, pl1/pl4 have 12 basilisk's, pl2/pl5 4 whirlinds, 4 predators and pl3/pl6 small infantry army)
but Chaos have larger army. (pl4/pl3 have some Oblitelators, pl5/pl2 alot of Chaos marines and pl6/pl1 heros, alot of slaves, have ALOOOOT of cultists)
(secondary /pl1 etc is Destroy The City 7 settings)
But in Battle of City 7 theres no need for specific locations or armies.. but if you use Fixed positions youll be in same places as in Hold The City 7

About 35-40 Strategic points, 10 criticals, 6 relics and 20 slags.. there can be more of these dont remember :p

Hey, I didnt told all because I wanna give to you surprise. (at those hold/destroy maps)
This city is under siege so dont even start whining about possible lag! Im 169% sure when is that year, they will use to single attack huge amounts of resources
so theres alot of artillery firing. Theres couple negative cover areas (example there is alot bodies) and heavy,light cover (behind sandbags, craters, trench and buildings)

I have tested these maps with some mods (WA Versions) like Total War or Imperial Infantry Mod and its balance bouncing side to side..
Example in Total War Chaos have LITTLE chances to win in Hold/Destroy City 7 even they have huge premade armys.. And Steel Legion doesnt like that Hold/Destroy City 7 maps, there comes some AI thing paused dunno what but AI stopped attackin
Use these maps at DOW WA but I dont know does this work at DOW DC.. if it works.. YAY!

If you want play this as "story", Obergrenadier IG/SM colours are:
Primary R61
Secondary	R123
Trim	totally white
Weapon	R51
Trim 2	R125
But to SM place that shoulders colour to dark red..
Badge is 8 and banner is that templar eagle and name it 8th Obergrenadiers :)
yes it is grey but its meant to be as similar can be as German Soldier of WW2 in games :p (also you can use WW2 German badges and banners)

MY FIRST MAPs so please be proper when you give feedback
Why no pics? Because I dont know HOW in hell I'll use those damn photoshops etc.. way too hard for me.. That man who do those screenies, icon and minimap will get his name to credits :p
I aint learnin anymore of those damn photoshits.. hate em too complicated for me.. you can say thats easy but not for me..
If you want edit this map and publish it, remember who made original version so give some credits to me then :p

So if you like urban fight, some room to room fight and corridor fights with REAL chaos of future war start downloading!

Email [email protected] <---report here for bugs.. or in this filefront download page where you download this map

Im makin soon jungle/city map for Necrons/Orks/Chaos invasion against Imperials.. with no armies this time.. but if ya wanna armies I can add

I'd like to know how Im able to spawn princes in battle when someone captures specific relic.. that would be nice if you'd told me that
And ye ye I know it looks very stupid that three map but still same city but I made it JUST because for Chaos players, Ig players and third map for those who wants to use other armys/mods and also as online map's

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