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Here's the mapping comp's entries of their works for the public to have a good at. I'm sure the mappers would be interested in receiving fee...


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Here's the mapping comp's entries of their works for the public to have a good at. I'm sure the mappers would be interested in receiving feedback. Anyway get downloading.

Enjoy ~Gaffer

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December 2006 Map Pack Competiton Map Pack


Battle canyon

-There was no ground texture - pink underlay
-The random explosions messed the map up
-The object around the four pillars is not impassed
-the Bridge with the SP - path blocking
-too many sp points
-the heightmap is too extreme
-a lot of duplicate objects - check log
-sudden appearance of random trees on one place

overall - 5/10

Broken Walls

-The Habbocks are pathable
-The paths to the gen are extremely thin
-The only possible gamemode is annihilation
-The same sp/relic layout as can be found on that notorious 4 player map we all know
-could use more objects

overall 6/10

The Cross

-sorry if I have to say it, but I found this map outright ugly. both aesthetically as well as play wise.

-The map could cater to eight, it's for four. Not to mention the giant wide open spaces

-The texturing is extremely monotone, and the objects seem just out of place. They are all in the same places, and just don't look like they belonged there. On top of that, the ground under them isn't textured
-There is a missing texture, not included in the rar file - from furreto's texture pack
-No one feels a need to venture out of the base area, since everything is there.
-the body pit - what is that supposed to be? Lag-festivities r us?

as for the description :~ -
description - four races have come face to face in ++ to wage war - needs no explaining.

inspirational shortness says:
-The heightmap is once more excessive and the paths to the relics just plain demented



-not a 1, since it's still better than a lot of things that can be seen


One of the better maps in the pack
Still, the texturing is again somewhat monotone.

i don't have any large critiques, except for a few tips

the sp layouts for the two imperial players should be the same, or at least very similar.
As for the rebel one
why not make two and cut the turrets?
also, I'd move the energy shield generator outside, to make it more hothy

overall 6.8/10

on the road

Finally, a map that was actually thought out
It does still have some issues, but they aren't anything overtly too terrible.

Once more, I have mainly recommendations

What would I have changed.
two player - cut top keep lower.
if the supragens have to be, move them instead of top players away from the winding path.

- the winding path - make it a bit broader.

- you missed one SP - right side there are four sp's - the left one only has three - you missed the last one.

- could use some vegetation

other possible point setup

- delete top player - instead give critical
-instead of top critical give 1 gen.
-cut lower relic, keep top ones.


I'd make the water passable, even if negative cover. Since, the lower paths are very slim, and if the points are captured bigger units will have problems.
At least make there inlets of shallow water around the points.

- nice info about the weather spot

overall - 8.5/10


seems like the most versatile map.
only real gripes is 3 sp's inside base -cut to two to make it more contestable.
Sometimes a very weird placing of the "ice" texture the ice, which must have been flowing water sometimes ignores slopes.

Too many path blocked trees. Imagine trying to pull lots of vehicles or imperial guard squads trough some of the areas.

sometimes thin paths and high HM.

overall - 8.4/10

Thus, i wish to announce the Winner...

By a close 0.1/10...


Congratulations to Nerdsturm for his amazing effort and dedication to his map!!!

Mapping Competition 2!

Your theme this month is: Chaos

As usual, the terms and conditions of the first map pack apply, they can be found here

Good luck, we want your entries in by the 22nd of January!

E-Mail them to: with subject title "Mapping Competition 2" (or similar)

The Dawn Of War Files Team!!!

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