Midnight Over Stasitanum

This, is a pretty big map, based on 'Rooftops'. At first glance, it reminded me of 'Rooftops' by Lost Prophets, though they aren't actu...


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This, is a pretty big map, based on 'Rooftops'. At first glance, it reminded me of 'Rooftops' by Lost Prophets, though they aren't actually related to this map in any way, shape or form :P Just thought I'd mention that.

Anyway, yes, this is a map (I presume big, though it fails to say anywhere for how many players it is for (I wish people would make sure they've got a thorough ReadMe)). Nevertheless, I would say it is Chaos orientated, but I could again be wrong.

Nevertheless, it does look good, my only question would be as to whether tanks or the bigger units can move around, but no doubt you'll find that out in time. - Download!

- Ash

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Download 'midnight_over_stasitanum.zip' (2.69MB)

Midnight over Stasitanum is the sequel to Concrete Jungle. Same buildings, only on top of them! It is a bit dark, but that's what creates most of the atmosphere. I've tested it multiple times and the only problem that I've encountered is that the bridges are too small for most of the uber units. The monolith can teleport, the bloodthirster can fly, IG and marines are out (not even a whirlwind make it across them :[  ) not really sure about the avatar because.. well.. I never play eldar, but as long as you make sure you're where you want your, say.. Daemon Prince to stay when you summon him it's all good. Now the best part. Due to the fact that, like most other DoW fans, I've downloaded a LOT of maps with a LOT of decals I have to include the decals and usually run into the problem of pink ?'s all over the place. That CAN'T happen this time. Know why? That's right NO DECALS! In order to giver the illusion that you are fight on rooftops I had to un-render the terrain so there are no decals in this map >.< 

As the battle rages on in the streets below shadowy figures can be seen above, jumping from roof to roof like wraiths in the night. The fight has taken to the rooftops brothers. To the skies!

Installation is veeeeeeery simple (once again, no decals) If you have DC installed and know how to unzip a DXP2 folder into the root directory you can't fail!
So download and check it out. If nothing else, it's definitely not your average map. 

       Sick, Sick 6

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