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Here we have the next instalment of the great DoW mod that is Mobilized for War! Firstly my appoligues to the mod team for taking awhile to...


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Here we have the next instalment of the great DoW mod that is Mobilized for War! Firstly my appoligues to the mod team for taking awhile to upload as you may have known we were having a bit of trouble with file posting a while back so it sort of got pushed to the side! Anyway highly recommend this mod but unfortunately there was no Screenies supplied but don't let that stop you from downloading this great mod!


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Dark crusade-Mobilize for war
Version 1.9


1. Thanks
2. Description
3.1. Changes 1.0-1.9
3.2. Changes 0.0-1.0
4. Contact me
5. Install/uninstall
6. Other Info
7. Legal jargen


I would like to thank the following for there kind help
- TheClone for his kind help with wargear
- The Dawn of Skirmish mod team for there help with Ai


The darkcrusade has reached a critical point. All forces must be deployed to defend kronous. Mobilize for war.

This is a single player and skirmish mod. Below i have listed all the changes from version 0.0 ( the original game CX )to the corrent version 1.9

3.1. CHANGES 1.0 - 1.9:

- Ai for skirmish improved
- Ai for skirmish is now editable ( thanks to Dawn of Skirmish mod team )
- Heroes modification added
- Units gain experiance
- Inqusitore toth has been added to the space mariens

3.2. CHANGES 0.0 - 1.0:

-There are no limts to how many units can be built (exept commanders in campaign)
-War gear can be purchest in the armorys of each race
-Almost all abilitys will be used automaticly by units ( in skirmish if the game option is selected)
-All units can go in transports and transport buildings E.g. webway, orbital relay ect. (Except necrons game always freezes if you try to make the monolith accept any new units so they are left out for now)
-There are no limts to the amount of buildings that can be built.
-Weapon upgrades can be applyed to all members of a squad.
-Campaign AI tweaked.
-Other small tweaks and balances.

4. Contact me

Please E-mail at me so i can see what i need to change. Also if you know how to make the monoliths deep strike work for all units the help would be appreciated


To install open "Mobilize for war.exe" enter the place where you installed Dark Crusade and the installer should do the rest
To uninstall open up "unins000.exe" in the darkcrusade folder

6. Other Info

There is a short cut that is installed called "Shortcut to AIControlPanel.exe" which allows you to modifiy the games skirmish AI to your liking. It is found under C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\MOBILIZE_FOR_WAR or where everyou installed DC

7. Legal jargan

I am happy for you to use this mod in your own mod just add "I love jonnylove" (or words to that effect) in your thanks or credit list XD and copy in all the people from my thanks list.



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