Multi-Factional Unit Caps



multi - factional unit cap (increased to one eleven here), both and

set of "attrib" files to be copied or installed to dxp2/data/, in your dark folder.

doesn't work with any other "attrib" mod (probably), and no other changes were made.

if you have any questions or other things just send them unto .

the readme.txt file goes into details about what i've meant by this small m o d.

its not (not at all) anything great by coding standards, just possibly useful.

It's a simple min mod that edits the population cap, to make battles seem bigger. Looks ok to me. - Heretic/Abbadon



multi-factional higher caps for dark crusade

version:: initial beta (testing)

email:: [email protected]

installing:: just unzip the "attrib" directory into your "dark crusade/dxp2/data" directory.

uninstall:: just delete the "attrib" directory thats been copied there ...  ..   ..

warning:: may not work with any other mod that uses "attrib" files installed there (carefull).

solution:: make sure that there is no files in "dxp2/data/attrib" before installing, for the

base install of "dark crusade" places no files there to begin with.  mentioned for noob(s).

simple mini-mod = = increases <squad cap> and <vehicle cap> for "any faction" in "dark crusade"

if installed correctly, your default <squad cap> and <vehicle cap> are set to one eleven, and

theres no need to upgrade either cap at any point.  and this applies for any faction played.

no other changes have been made, so (for example), existing limits on specific units are

still present.  which, means you can still only land one land raider for instance ~ or

you can still only land one baneblade for instance.  yet, the units that are "unlimited"

are "freeer" to land or summon, and each faction can actually field the max extent of

units available ~ instead of limiting as usual which units to field instead of others.

yet, don&apos;t be fooled ~ the timings are still the same and it takes quit some time to

get anywhere near the one eleven cap set (for either squads or vehicles).  so, the real

advantage of this doesn&apos;t really appear until later, except for the fact that no cap

upgrades are needed at any time.  i&apos;ve only tested this in skirmish, which definately

works out, yet i&apos;m not sure about campaign mode ~ since i don&apos;t like playing the raven

chapter much.  i&apos;m also pretty sure it would work in multiplayer if every human player

has installed these attrib files.  the real reason i&apos;ve made this mod was to offer

something that affected any faction equally without editing too many details. that

is also why i&apos;ve not altered anything else, since a balance may be r u i n e d.

please send any commentary or things unto = = [email protected], i&apos;ll respond.

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